5 Surprising Benefits of Keeping a Quote Journal

As a young man in my early twenties the activities of reading, writing and journaling were far from my mind. But as I headed out of my twenties and now in my thirties, these activities have become an essential part of my maturity as a man. Believe it or not, they can help you grow […]

20 Scripture Verses that Define Mature Manhood

A beard might help you look like a mature man. A “manly” smell based off the latest deodorant or cologne campaign might help you smell like a mature man. Even a high ranking position at work or a recent increase in salary might make you feel like more of a man. But nothing, and I […]

How a Husband Can Really Improve His Marriage in this New Year

What were the first thoughts you had when you read that title? Honestly! “My marriage is beyond improving.” “My marriage is going pretty good, why would I need to seek improvement.” “I want to know how, but I’m afraid of the steps that I need to take.”  “Your answer.” Let’s be real honest men, the […]

When Do You Become A Man?

– Feature Guest Post by EuGene Jordan – As a kid I use to take dance classes, play chess and have piano lessons… I mainly hung out with females, enjoyed creative art and to top it off the Disney classic ‘Beauty and the Beast’ was ranked as one of my favorite films. I have vivid memories of […]

3 Ways to Get More Value Out of Your Sunday Morning Service

When Sunday morning rolls around, there’s nothing more frustrating than heading to a place where you don’t feel you add any value or get any value out of it. We can feel a yearning in our hearts to be at Church, but we have a hard time wanting to be there. (Photo by LightStock.com: Faith focused, […]


–  Feature Guest Poem by Jonathan Beam  – Amazement in this underground composition Composed at the drop of a hat In dyer effort to reconstruct self institution  Only takes a subtle slight of hand And here I am lord waiting Here I am Satan, I’ll meet you on land or sea I bore my pain […]

5 Weekly Options to Help you Mature in your Faith

Engaging in a daily activity is a great way to mature in your faith, but I believe Men of God can do more. I believe our faith requires us to do more. We need to take things up another notch… Are you with me? Be sure to challenge your daily walk in Christ first by […]

5 Daily Options to Help you Mature in your Faith

Work, family and entertainment are the three things taking up the most time in the lives of men today. There is nothing wrong with these three things, in fact, they all have their place of necessity in a man’s life. What I continue to work on though are the ways to keep a man’s faith strong […]

A Testimony of God’s Undying Grace

–  Feature Testimony By Chris Craig Sr.  – Hi, my name is Chris. I was the fifth of six children born into an Irish/Italian, Roman Catholic Family. I grew up going to Catholic school until 4th grade when we moved to another part of Virginia. I was the typical Catholic kid, until my unquestioned loyalty […]

5 Biggest Areas of Growth in my Twenties

Well last month it finally happened, I turned 30. I suppose it was inevitable. I now know why 30 somethings use the saying, “I wish I was 20 again, until I hang out around 20 somethings.” That, of course, is not meant to offend any of the 20 something community that reads Manturity, but more […]