Finding the Initiative to Learn, Live and Maintain a Mature Manhood

There’s a question that keeps coming up for me and it goes like this, “Why are men not taking the initiative in learning, living and maintaining”? I ask this question not just because of what I see in our culture, but also because I know of the material available to men. Running a site like […]

The Pursuit of Excellence – 10 Traits of the Perfect Man

– Feature Guest Post by Jose Florencio –  At some point or another, every man questions his personal virility. “Am I, a real man?” “Am I man enough?” Most of us have our own opinion about what it means to be a real man. Strong? Courageous?  A great leader? Characteristics like these come to mind when we […]

6 Reasons to Read “Speaking the Father’s Blessing”

I won’t lie; I’m pretty new to the role of being a father, but I can already see the need step up my involvement in my son’s life. He just turned two a couple of weeks ago and we had an awesome birthday party for him. As his party approached, I thought about some little […]

When Do You Become A Man?

– Feature Guest Post by EuGene Jordan – As a kid I use to take dance classes, play chess and have piano lessons… I mainly hung out with females, enjoyed creative art and to top it off the Disney classic ‘Beauty and the Beast’ was ranked as one of my favorite films. I have vivid memories of […]

The Most Important Thing a Man Must Remember about His Faith

Do you ever find yourself having an issue that you just can’t seem to get resolved or find an answer to? I use to struggle with issues like that all the time and I still struggle with them on occasion. I started to find better and quicker resolutions when I realized I needed to take […]

Thirsty for a Manhood that Matters

Imagine being at the grocery store and being really thirsty. You head over to the drink aisle and what do you see; hundreds of drink choices all at the tip of your fingers. Your initial reaction is joy, but it slowly fades as you wonder what will quench your thirst. Which drink is the right […]


–  Feature Guest Poem by Jonathan Beam  – Amazement in this underground composition Composed at the drop of a hat In dyer effort to reconstruct self institution  Only takes a subtle slight of hand And here I am lord waiting Here I am Satan, I’ll meet you on land or sea I bore my pain […]

The Necessary Maintenance Manhood Requires

Time passes. Circumstances change. People come and people go. Life gets busy. Life gets boring. Relationships go bad. Relationships go good. The necessary maintenance it takes to make sure that throughout all of these circumstances, you maintain your mature manhood and faith in Jesus. Do you perform it as often as you need? Maintenance requires […]

Why Fatherhood is Not a Free Pass and How to get Involved Now

At 18 months old, my son wakes up every morning with a mission; eat, have fun and be shown love. At age 30, I wake up everyday with multiple missions. Not only am I raising my 18 month alongside my beautiful wife, but I am working my full-time job, maintaining the personal property (house/ cars) and […]

Mature Manhood Requires These Three Things

It was three years ago this month that God showed me an entirely new direction for my life. Before that direction was revealed to me though, it had been about 6 months of re-building my marriage and getting to know Christ in a real way. During those months I continued to ask God these specific […]