The 5 Best Gifts You Can Give Your Children

–  Feature Guest Post By Daniel Robertson  – Do you ever feel that you aren’t doing a good enough job of preparing your kids to enter the world as adults? I know I do. I get easily distracted by my smartphone or other unimportant things that don’t add lasting value to my life, or theirs. Just […]

6 Reasons to Read “Speaking the Father’s Blessing”

I won’t lie; I’m pretty new to the role of being a father, but I can already see the need step up my involvement in my son’s life. He just turned two a couple of weeks ago and we had an awesome birthday party for him. As his party approached, I thought about some little […]

Why and How Every Father Should Be Affirming His Young Son

PERSONALLY As a man, I understand two things very well; affirmation and respect. I don’t just enjoy hearing or feeling those particular things in my life, I yearn for them. I need to hear words of affirmation from my wife, my father, my friends and my Heavenly Father. Without it I feel directionless and purposeless. […]

Why Fatherhood is Not a Free Pass and How to get Involved Now

At 18 months old, my son wakes up every morning with a mission; eat, have fun and be shown love. At age 30, I wake up everyday with multiple missions. Not only am I raising my 18 month alongside my beautiful wife, but I am working my full-time job, maintaining the personal property (house/ cars) and […]

5 Ways to Bless Your Family Everyday

If you’re a husband or father in your household, than you fall into the same category as me… Leader. Everyday is a schedule. It includes things you need to do for yourself, your work and your family. The things you do for yourself are most likely very common, almost mindless. There are the daily things […]

5 Reasons Moments of Greatness Matter

Stop! Before you go further into this article, I want you to step back for a moment and consider a personal moment of greatness… Do have it? Can you picture it? Good! Maybe you had moment similar to mine when I finally graduated college after all the “painful” years and hard work. Maybe your moment was […]

3 Tests Which Show You Are a Real Family Leader

–  FEATURE GUEST POST BY JACKIE BLEDSOE, JR  – Tax season is nearing, so some of us are checking our tax documents, meeting with tax professionals, and hoping to find as many deductions as we possibly can. Of course the deductions you’re allowed to claim are based on your filing status. Head of Household is […]

Judgment, Pain and Missed Blessings

–  FEATURE GUEST POST BY RYAN EVANS  – The following message is the result of a recent paradigm shifting moment of clarity I experienced which allowed God’s Spirit to reveal a few simple yet powerful truths to me. These simple truths have had a profound impact on my life, my relationship with Him, and my […]

A Better Vision for Fatherhood by Looking to The Father

– FEATURE GUEST POST BY ADAM RUST – Jesus gave them this answer: “Very truly I tell you, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does. – John 5:19 God is a father. God is THE Father. […]

3 Insights for New Fathers

Diapers, daycare and sleepless nights. Yes, I have officially been a father for over a year now. As I look back now, it seems like a blur. But the reality is that there are many parts of my life that have gone through major changes or, as I like to say, overhauled. And yes, in […]