What Guys are Saying About “The Marriage Advance”

The Marriage Advance has only been out one month and great reviews are already coming in! Here are some of the reviews I’ve been able to get off of social media!   “Keep up the outstanding work!! I’ve been reading the marriage advance book and I gotta say I hate to read but you and […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Read “The Marriage Advance”

Have you ever really thought about WHY you got married? No, really. I challenge you to take a couple minutes right now and come up with at least 3 reasons. Have them? Good. Jody Burkeen, of Man Up God’s Way, and I wrote this book because we believe in a forever marriage. We believe that […]

Purchase “The Marriage Advance” Today!

Are you ready to change yourself and your marriage? Good! “The Marriage Advance” is a book Jody Burkeen and I have been working on for over a year now. Jody and I both believe in a forever marriage, but we’re also aware that marriage can get hard sometimes. And when it gets hard, we as […]

Join Us on 12/09/16 for the Release of “The Marriage Advance”

One of the hardest things a man can do sometimes is ask a question; especially when it’s related to something deep, sensitive or emotional. For the most part, men weren’t built to be sensitive. Most of us weren’t raised in an environment that promoted it or talked about it. The majority of us never saw […]

6 Reasons to Read “Speaking the Father’s Blessing”

I won’t lie; I’m pretty new to the role of being a father, but I can already see the need step up my involvement in my son’s life. He just turned two a couple of weeks ago and we had an awesome birthday party for him. As his party approached, I thought about some little […]

5 Weekly Options to Help you Mature in your Faith

Engaging in a daily activity is a great way to mature in your faith, but I believe Men of God can do more. I believe our faith requires us to do more. We need to take things up another notch… Are you with me? Be sure to challenge your daily walk in Christ first by […]