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One of the best ways to promote and grow and your content or site is to feature guest articles. There are have been many guest writers over the last couple of years and they have all experienced good success. Whether you have your own blog, written your own book or have never written before, there might be an opportunity for you to be featured on

Please take a few moments to review the guest posting details below. The guest post should be related to the main topics of Marriage, Manhood or Maturity.

Guest Post Guidelines

  1. Thoroughly review the “About” page to learn more about the reading community at
  2. Aim to keep posts between 500-1000 words
  3. Please use spelling and grammar check
  4. Submit articles in WORD format
  5. Do not use affiliate links
  6. Promotion type articles must be reviewed first
  7. All articles must be approved. Some will be denied.
  8. Please read past articles for ideas on how to format and write your article.
  9. Include an image for the post. Or I can make one for you.
  10. Please include your introduction/bio and link to your site. Your personal bio photo should be a separate attachment, not in the WORD doc.
  11. Article must be previously unpublished.
  12. Keep it respectful and centered on Christ.

When submitting a request please include your email, a link to your site/ information and what topic you are interested in writing about. I will then send you a reply, where you can submit your actual article. Once your article has been submitted, please allow some time for review of your article. All articles will be reviewed thoroughly. Suggestions will sometimes be made to either change certain content or too come up with a more relevant title to the article.

If approved, I will let you know in advance when the article will be posted. Once posted, please return to the post for comments. Please also share the article on your social media sites. Your guest article will also be pushed and promoted through the Manturity social media outlets.

I look forward to working together to promote the Kingdom. Please use the contact form below and I look forward to working together with you soon.

Thank you!



STOP! Before submitting, please make sure you have read all of the guidelines above. Thank you!