Why Dating is NOT the Perfect Blueprint for Marriage

I’ve been in construction long enough to know that BLUEPRINTS MATTER! One of the most frustrating things about starting to build something is getting a set of drawings that are only 50% complete. They give you a rough idea, but don’t quite offer the information you really need. And you ultimately know big changes could […]

Why Guys Won’t Spend Time or Money on their Marriage

ME: Hey man, I can see you’re struggling in your marriage. You know, for $15 bucks and a little bit of time, I honestly believe you can make your marriage awesome again. REPLY: Nah, I’m good. REPLY: Eh, things will work themselves out. Thanks though… REPLY: Well, I’ve never been one to read. REPLY: Really? […]

5 Things You Need to Do in Order to Get Away With Your Wife

Tell me about the last time you and your wife did something fun together or went somewhere special. No, I’m not talking about some place you and the wife took the kids. I’m not talking about the last time you took her to Applebee’s or that particular steakhouse that you like; I’m talking about something […]

Why Spontaneity is Important in Marriage

– Featured Guest Post By Wesley Oaks-  Let’s face it… marriage can be tough. It’s something we must always work at to keep it at its best. If we don’t work at marriage, then it will eventually fall apart. Think of it like something that needs regular maintenance to maintain perfection. Everyone’s experience will of […]

What Guys are Saying About “The Marriage Advance”

The Marriage Advance has only been out one month and great reviews are already coming in! Here are some of the reviews I’ve been able to get off of social media!   “Keep up the outstanding work!! I’ve been reading the marriage advance book and I gotta say I hate to read but you and […]

The Conversation You Should Have Had With Your Spouse Last Year

A new year means new opportunities right? Our culture may have you think so, but your heart still won’t allow it. What am I talking about? I’m talking about that time your wife disrespected you back in July. I’m referring to the time you made fun of your wife in front of a group of […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Read “The Marriage Advance”

Have you ever really thought about WHY you got married? No, really. I challenge you to take a couple minutes right now and come up with at least 3 reasons. Have them? Good. Jody Burkeen, of Man Up God’s Way, and I wrote this book because we believe in a forever marriage. We believe that […]

Purchase “The Marriage Advance” Today!

Are you ready to change yourself and your marriage? Good! “The Marriage Advance” is a book Jody Burkeen and I have been working on for over a year now. Jody and I both believe in a forever marriage, but we’re also aware that marriage can get hard sometimes. And when it gets hard, we as […]

Join Us on 12/09/16 for the Release of “The Marriage Advance”

One of the hardest things a man can do sometimes is ask a question; especially when it’s related to something deep, sensitive or emotional. For the most part, men weren’t built to be sensitive. Most of us weren’t raised in an environment that promoted it or talked about it. The majority of us never saw […]

Why Learning about your Spouses Heart is Critical to the Success of your Marriage

As a husband, it is not just my role to work and provide for my wife; I am also tasked by God to explore my wife’s heart and assist in leading her to living out her hearts desires. I don’t do this on my own though, I do this mainly by faith and intentional effort. […]