Get Your Free Catalog for the Best Men’s Gear Now

Hey guys, I know I don’t do this often, but I wanted to make sure you have access to some of the best gear for men by one of the best sites that offer it! has been a great partner to Manturity and they are offering their SPRING CATALOG for FREE! Act fast guys, […]

How to Keep Winning the Battle against Your Heart

The battle for your heart can be won, but the war will always rage on against it. (My personal experience) “Be sober; be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” -1 Peter 5:8 (If you don’t believe me, then this scripture nails it!) I’m going […]

It’s More Than the Size of Our Hands

 – Feature Guest Post by Jim Uttley –  In one of the last Republican candidates’ debates, you’ll recall Senator Marco Rubio went on the attack against the front-runner, Donald Trump. Somewhere in the back-and-forth, a comment was made about hands. Later in the week, Mr. Rubio went a little further in one of his rallys, […]

You Are Called. You Go. You Conquer!

You Are Called. You Go. You Conquer! Answer the call and go conquer! YOU’RE CALLED I remember hearing the phrase, “opportunities are everywhere”. I honestly use to think this was a good thing. I’d say it to younger men who appeared to be doing nothing with their lives and going nowhere. As years have passed […]

A Real Man Lives His Dreams

– Feature Guest Post by Author Mel Jones – A real man lives his dreams. A real man follows his heart and constructs his deepest desires. A real man calculates the risks and weighs his options for the best possible life he could live based on the opportunities available, obstacles in his path, what he […]

3 Reasons Men of God Don’t Follow Politicians

          – Feature Guest Post by Pastor Stephen Miller –  Today our culture is inundated with prospective people to follow. Open up your smart phone and click on any Social Media app and millions of people are competing for your attention. Twitter is full of people trying to stay relevant enough […]

The 5 Best Apps Available for Christian Men

As of 2015, reports show over 1.5 million Apps are available for download from both Google and Apple. That my brothers, is a lot of apps! Over the last month, I started making my way through those Apps (on the Apple Store) in an effort to find the very best apps available to men, more […]

Finding the Initiative to Learn, Live and Maintain a Mature Manhood

There’s a question that keeps coming up for me and it goes like this, “Why are men not taking the initiative in learning, living and maintaining”? I ask this question not just because of what I see in our culture, but also because I know of the material available to men. Running a site like […]

How to Beat Down Pride in Your Marriage and Manhood

Ah, (insert grunt here), it’s good to be a man. Strong in stature when looking in the mirror. Dependable to those you often work around. Ready to respond to those in particular need. Firm when it comes to a handshake. Faithful when Church is in service. Hurtful and often unloving to those closest to you. […]

Being a Man of Shovel and Sword

– Feature Guest Post by Mike Yarbrough – Christian men today, myself included, suffer from a particular problem which has resulted from the many, fragmented doctrines and focuses amongst the various churches and sects of Christendom. The problem is thus: we don’t know what the heck we are supposed to be doing in many practical matters […]