Full Content Sharing Policy

Manturity.com features new articles every week on the subjects of Marriage, Manhood and Maturity. If you find an article interesting and would like to share the full extent of the article on your personal site, please abide by the following guidelines.

  • Everyone MUST attain permission from the Manturity.com moderators BEFORE sharing full Manturity articles on their site.
  • All requests must include a link to their site and a brief description of their site. Moderators will review the site before any approvals.
  • All requests can be made through the Manturity.com Contact Page at the top right corner of the site. (Private Manturity email)
  • Manturity moderators will first inspect the site and will than send a return email either granting the rights for full content sharing or not approving of the full content share.
  • Manturity.com holds all the rights to the featured content andthe  site not approved for full content sharing should not be offended. Standard sharing through the social media links is also a great option.
  • All full content article shares on other sites must include the Manturity Bio with full links. And also provide a link that resembles the following after the Bio: For the original article, visit manturity.com.
  • The Manturity Bio will be provided upon the approval of your site.
  • All Manturity content has a “pingback” feature attached to the content. I am also able to track all links from my site. If you choose to not abide by these guidelines, I will most likely find out anyway and request the content be removed or corrected (Bio and Links added).
  • In closing, please use the Contact Page at the top right corner for any further questions, concerns or thoughts. I am easy to work with and willing to give each site an equal chance for the full content share.
  • I look forward to working with you!