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First and foremost, Manturity.com is a website written by men, for men. The goal of the site is to build more mature men spiritually and in their everyday circumstances. Please understand that the majority of the content written for Manturity is directed towards men. On rare occasions there will be articles written by women. These articles will be written in the context to help men better understand their point of view and perspective. Here’s an example if you don’t believe me: Click Here

What is spiritual maturity you might ask? It consists of men going against what culture says is right and wrong and instead basing their decisions on the life and teachings of Christ. It is teaching men to form new habits in their everyday life and situations; habits that will inspire real and consistent change in a man’s life, marriage, manhood and overall relationships. It is teaching men to find their true desire in life. True desire won’t be found by moving images on a screen; true desire is found in a real and pure relationship with Christ. And, finally, it is teaching men to adjust their influence. We accomplish this by changing the way we talk, the way we listen, and by the way we love and show respect to those around us.

Manturity started out in 2011, as my own personal journey to learn and live more like Christ. That idea has not changed and won’t change. Through out the years the Manturity articles have been blessed by guest writers. These men are either local men from my Church or other men I’ve met from all over the world. These men, along with myself, know that we must be challenged each day in our Christian walk. Be sure to hit up a few of the articles and if you want to take your personal walk further, hit up the Guest Post tab and get writing!

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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Manturity.com. I’m Bryan, founder and head author for Manturity.com.

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