Why Guys Won’t Spend Time or Money on their Marriage

ME: Hey man, I can see you’re struggling in your marriage. You know, for $15 bucks and a little bit of time, I honestly believe you can make your marriage awesome again.

REPLY: Nah, I’m good.

REPLY: Eh, things will work themselves out. Thanks though…

REPLY: Well, I’ve never been one to read.

REPLY: Really? I guess it’s worth a shot to buy and read a book for $15 bucks.

I won’t ask you which way you answered, but I will ask for a few more minutes of your time.

You see guys, most of the time, your wife is willing to spend a lot of time learning about marriage and even spend some money. I get it, they’re better at the emotional stuff and they’re better at asking questions and opening up about their struggles. That doesn’t mean you do nothing, maybe that means to you need to take a different approach.

Still with me?

Let me ask you this, what do you want out of marriage?

Do you want to be happy?

Do you want great communication?

Do you want to have more sex?







Since I want all of those listed above, especially the last one, then I’m thinking you want those as well. Right?

Here’s a quote that I think will get your mind turning from Chapter 3 my new book, The Marriage Advance:

“Intimacy doesn’t start in the bedroom, it starts at the beginning of each day and continues into every interaction you have with your wife.”

You may want sex, but your wife needs intimacy!

Early in my marriage, this idea use to drive me crazy and cause chaos in our marriage. It was hard for her to meet my sexual desires, because I made very little effort to meet her intimacy needs.

I know this sounds crazy, but your wife is DIFFERENT than you!

How she communicates, is not how you communicate.

Happiness to her likely looks way different than what happiness means to you.

She probably wants to have sex, but her love tank is completely dry.

You want a better marriage?

Then start spending a little bit of time and money on it.


Start asking your wife how you can meet her needs better. Then start doing those things daily.

For $15 bucks, BUY AND READ my new book, The Marriage Advance. Accept the challenges and apply accordingly.

Be intentional from now on! Your marriage will never be awesome if you don’t put some real effort into it!