Why Spontaneity is Important in Marriage

– Featured Guest Post By Wesley Oaks- 

Let’s face it… marriage can be tough. It’s something we must always work at to keep it at its best. If we don’t work at marriage, then it will eventually fall apart. Think of it like something that needs regular maintenance to maintain perfection.

Everyone’s experience will of course vary, but we all have different bumps in the road that come along. Especially after you’ve been married several years. So, what’s the key to being able to eventually be one of those couples you see on TV that have been married forever and they’re now in their 80s?

A big part of it is working to keep things interesting.

How to be Spontaneous

It’s not always easy to keep things interesting, but it doesn’t really take a lot to put a spark in your significant others eyes. The key is to make sure they know they’re special to you. Saying I love you becomes routine and that’s why you need to change things up.

Small gestures can really go the distance. Buying a flower when there’s no special occasion other than you want them to feel special is a great example of showing them you care. If you’re on a budget, there’s a lot of things that don’t’ require any money which you can do.

Take over the chores your spouse typically does so they don’t have to. May it be cooking dinner so they don’t have to, cleaning the house, or running errands.

These small little things add up to make your marriage stronger. You don’t have to take on all the home chores every single day. Just help more than usual here and there. Your spouse will appreciate you, be less stressed out, and be in a better mood.

Just attempt going the extra mile sometime and see how far it takes you.

Maintaining Intimacy

We should also strive to keep that flame kindled that you had when you first got married. Over the years of course lust isn’t going to be the same, but your spouse needs to know you’re attracted to them still.

You can explore new things in bed and see where you end up. I highly recommend you try some manscaping and maybe surprise your spouse with it. It’s a quick and easy option to go for and if your spouse isn’t into it then it’s easy to let the hair grow back.

Manscaping doesn’t mean you have to shave bald below the belt, but it can be just a very well-trimmed pubic region etc… You can get more details on manscaping here, plus it’s a great way to be spontaneous.


It all boils down to little actions here and there that keep a marriage interesting. It’s easy to get into a routine and forget about making your spouse feel special. Try to always keep the thought in the back of your mind and you’ll passively begin to take action.

I’ve seen it play out that way in my own life and it’s been great for my marriage. Just by planting that seed in my mind has made my marriage much stronger.


Author Bio: Wesley owns iManscape. A *website about shaving, men, beards, and of course manscaping. For more from him visit his website or like iManscape on Facebook.

*gentlemen, please take note that Wesley’s site offers awesome information about manscaping and ways it could spice up your marriage. With that said, Manturity does not endorse all of the images or words used on the site.

  • Thomas Sharp

    While the article was fine, and i subscribe the the process of manscaping and it’s value, i didn’t really appreciate the link to a website that uses slang term for parts of the male anatomy and at least 1 image of a scantily clad model. Many men who frequent this site are looking for articles to help them maintain a pure relationship with their wives and some things can easily start the click trail….

    • Thomas, thank you for your honesty and feedback. I am in total agreement with you and honestly went back and forth on this guest post. After researching Wesley’s site, I felt like it offered men a lot of really good information that you might otherwise find on worse sites. My goal is to offer the readers of Manturity great information in a safe and mature way. In response, I will add a note at the end of the article addressing the one photo and respect your response in future posts. Thank you brother and have a great day!