What Guys are Saying About “The Marriage Advance”

The Marriage Advance has only been out one month and great reviews are already coming in! Here are some of the reviews I’ve been able to get off of social media!


“Keep up the outstanding work!! I’ve been reading the marriage advance book and I gotta say I hate to read but you and Jody keep it so simple and being a simple man I love it..”
-TJ Clayton


“I received my book today and I can honestly say that it hits home. I just finished chapter 5, so far 3 and 5 hit the hardest!”
-Alejandro Torres-Flores


“Hey man I just wanted to say I love the chapter on establish your priorities really spoke to me! The whole book is Outstanding!”
-Rob Kirksey


“It is an amazing book. Couldn’t stop reading!”
-Matthew Theusch


Books are being shipped out each week and great reviews are coming in. If you haven’t checked out the book, I’d encourage you to take a moment this week and BUY yourself a copy. If you’re struggling with something specific, find the chapter and start reading! It’s really that easy with this book.

ORDER HERE on Amazon today!

Thank you to everyone that has purchased the book. Please continue to leave reviews of the book and we’ll continue to share them!