3 Reasons Why You Should Read “The Marriage Advance”

Have you ever really thought about WHY you got married?

No, really. I challenge you to take a couple minutes right now and come up with at least 3 reasons.

Have them?


Jody Burkeen, of Man Up God’s Way, and I wrote this book because we believe in a forever marriage. We believe that our vows meant something and it’s on us stay faithful. We also know that marriage isn’t always easy and can get complicated over time.

Then what?

Do we forget what we first believed about marriage? Or do we simply let pride replace love in our hearts and move away from the idea of a forever marriage?

Whatever your answer is, we wrote this book to provide you with answers and opportunities that will assist you in getting your marriage back to good or even great!

We believe this book will provide you some answers to some of the harder questions you haven’t been able to ask anyone.

We believe this book will help you open your heart to learning about things that might be affecting your marriage, then lead you to talk about it with a trusted friend or Pastor.

We believe your marriage has the potential to get better and even be amazing with enough hard work!


Or, order a copy for a fellow husband in need.

Can’t afford it? Email me here and let’s talk.

Advance in your marriage today!