Join Us on 12/09/16 for the Release of “The Marriage Advance”

One of the hardest things a man can do sometimes is ask a question; especially when it’s related to something deep, sensitive or emotional.

For the most part, men weren’t built to be sensitive. Most of us weren’t raised in an environment that promoted it or talked about it. The majority of us never saw our fathers ask questions or talk about deeply emotional topics. It just didn’t happen.

So now you’re left trying to figure out love and life, and yet don’t know what to do when things start going wrong; especially in your marriage.

For example:

  • You don’t hug or snuggle with her enough
  • You don’t share what’s really on your mind
  • You’re ready to have sex, but you’re not interested in getting her flowers
  • You still think your addiction to porn is acceptable

These examples don’t even get us close to the summit, but they do start us on the journey up the mountain.

Well, there’s good news, I’ve spent the last year working alongside Jody Burkeen, founder of Man Up God’s Way, and we’ve written a new book titled “The Marriage Advance”.

The concept of the book is simple; there are 15 chapters that discuss answers to 15 questions men won’t ask.

No more trying to figure out which guy to share your feelings with at Church.

No more wondering what someone else will think of you when you tell them your marriage is falling apart.

“The Marriage Advance” is simple, it’s Jody and I sharing our hearts, real marriage stories and offering you real solutions.

And to top it off, each chapter hits you with a challenge that will help you grow as a man, develop ways to be a stronger husband and push you to communicate with your wife in ways you never have before.

Convinced yet?


“The Marriage Advance” is available HERE

It’s simple guys, if you have had lingering questions about your struggling marriage, then we strongly encourage you to buy yourself a copy and get to work!