You Are Called. You Go. You Conquer!

You Are Called. You Go. You Conquer!

Answer the call and go conquer!


I remember hearing the phrase, “opportunities are everywhere”. I honestly use to think this was a good thing. I’d say it to younger men who appeared to be doing nothing with their lives and going nowhere. As years have passed though, I’ve learned that so many opportunities can be overwhelming, even paralyzing!

You have a calling! And it’s time to go and conquer it!

When I was younger, I was always into building stuff. I’d sit and watch my father build small engines for go-karts, and dream of the day I could race one of them. I’d hang out in my room and build houses and other structures out of Lego’s. On the Lego scale, I once built our local fairgrounds on a large square piece and actually won the grand prize! Building seemed to be part of my DNA when I was younger and I could feel God was calling me to the larger stage.

After attending College for Carpentry, I now run construction sites that are valued in the millions and sized in the thousands of square feet! It was my calling!

What about you? Even if you’re struggling to find your way, take a few moments to answer the following questions.

When you were young, what did you enjoy doing?

When you were young, what did you dream of becoming?

By reviewing the answers from the above questions, come up with at least 3-5 ideas on what to pursue moving forward.


The “going” may be the hardest task of all, but it will also be the most rewarding! You’re going to have to find new levels of focus, to be disciplined and overcome your fears!

I heard a powerful quote recently that said, “The future belongs to those that can focus”. That really hit me hard and it should hit you hard as well. Between the many opportunities as I mentioned at the beginning of the article and the constant distractions with your phone and social media; you will have to double down and start learning how to focus!

You are going to have to push yourself in this stage! You are going to have to face new battles, meet new people and likely work harder than you ever had to in your life. I can still remember my first year working out in the real world for a large company. I thought I had life all figured out after college, but I quickly realized I knew very little. See the “going” part doesn’t just require the skills you learned in college; it requires life skills such as patience and humility. Almost every day I wanted to quit my job. Why? Because it was hard, really hard! I had to work in unfamiliar environments and converse with people that had done this trade for years already.


Take your answers from above and apply them to the challenges below:

Which dream or opportunity could you start pursing now?

If you answered the above questions, what’s holding you back from “GOING”?

What can you do THIS WEEK to start the going process?


Don’t allow yourself to be paralyzed by the many opportunities of your fear anymore, find clarity and start to conquer your dreams! Make a firm decision from your answers above and put all of your effort and strength into it!

And finally, don’t let distractions such as your phone or women take up all of your quality time! Remember guys, you want to invite her into your success, not have her figure out your path for you!

Become a man that schedules, and a man that stays disciplined and on task. And finally, a man that finds his callings and GOES!

Now go and conquer!

  • Michael Landstrom

    Been wanting to go back and take more guitar lessons. At 49 I feel “too old” to do that. Want to have the skill and confidence to play in worship band.

    • Don’t buy into the lies brother! You’re never too old! Just think of the impact you could have on others with your guitar playing. The positive impact to yourself and others is likely the BIGGEST reason the enemy is making you feel “too old”. All lies brother. You have certainly been called, now its time to GO and CONQUER!

      • Michael Landstrom

        Thanks for the encouragement and article!