What the Olympics Should Teach You about Your Marriage

“Every Olympic event should include one average person competing for reference” –Bill Murray

My wife and I caught this quote on a meme the other day and had a good laugh. We laughed, because the idea of a normal person competing against these Olympians would be ridiculous! There would need to be a separate camera following that person because of how slow they’d be. You may have also seen the commercial where a winter olympian was attempting to do summer activities. It’s funny, but I think there is more to learn from this quote and commercial.

As these athletes perform, you get a slight glimpse of their background. It typically includes them starting when they were young and training hard for years. In most cases, their sport or sports have consumed most of their time for most of their life. Their dedication is really incredible and they deserve to be performing at that level and competing against the best in the world.

We all recognize their hard work and consistent training, and we think it doesn’t apply to us. We’re wrong!


Marriage is life-long relationship that requires hard work and consistent training.

Did you catch it? Did you see how I ended the last paragraph above and started this section on marriage with the same wording? Drop back for a second and take a look…


As I’ve stated in many articles and in my forthcoming new book “The Marriage Advance”, my wife and I were newly married and thought we could figure it out on our own. We recited vows that someone spoke to us, we depended on our minimal pre-marriage counseling and we assumed marriage would be perfect. We were wrong!

After nearly two divorce discussions in our first 4 years of marriage, it was time for a change. We needed God in our marriage and we needed training badly. We decided to swallow our egos and start learning about marriage. Honestly, it was the best decision we ever made together and it SAVED our marriage.

Here are a few of the things we did to start our marriage training:

  • We received counsel from an experienced married couple. Notice, I didn’t say “marriage counseling”. After our discussion with our pastor, we were set up with an older couple. We met up with them every week to discuss our issues and learn how to overcome them. It was a great experience, and we made some new friends in the process.
  • We read a book together. Now don’t freak out guys, I know reading a book sounds like a lot of work, but you add a ton of powerful tools to your marriage! We first read the book “Love and Respect”. This was, and still is, a must read for every married couple.
  • And lastly, my wife and I decided to attend a marriage conference every year together. Yes, every year! Just as an athlete will train for another Olympics, we need to be training for our next year of marriage. You can never have enough training! You may hear something old, but you might also hear something new which will refresh and recharge your marriage!

Stop being an average married couple. Stop thinking that your marriage is the average one and start training so that your marriage stays strong! You may not receive a gold medal from all of your training, but you will experience the fruits of an amazing marriage. You’ll be ready for any challenge!

Speaking of challenges, here are 3 ways to start your “Olympic” marriage training:


Speak to your spouse this week about getting a mentor couple. Find a couple through Church or your own means that is doing well and ask them if they would help you.


Turn off the television, set down your phone and read a book! I would highly recommend “Love and Respect”, but there are many great resources out there. Do it!


Research THIS WEEK if there is a marriage class you could attend at your Church. If not, research online if there is a local Church offering a marriage conference. Spend the money and learn how to have a more fulfilling marriage!

Don’t be average anymore! Start your training to have and maintain an awesome marriage!