10 Ways to Maintain Success as a Young Man

Guys, recently I have been working with and mentoring some younger men. Men who are recently out of High School and another who has been out for a good 5 years now.

What I keep finding to be true, is that these guys were never taught or shown what it takes to be a successful man in this world.

As I’ve worked with these guys, I’ve really started to consider some important things that guys need to know to make it in today’s world.

Below is a list of 10 things.

As you finish this article, I would encourage you to share your experiences. What do you think it takes? What has helped you be successful?

Let’s be a community of men that share, connect and help other men grow!


A successful young man maintains fellowship with other like-minded men


A successful young man pursues matters with his heart, not just with his head.


A successful young man values his word. He understands his word is his outward expression to his friends, family and those he works with.


A successful young man is aware that even among his large responsibilities, he knows the value of breaking away and adventuring into the wild.


A successful young man is able to recognize his immaturity and is able to seek guidance from those that have been successful before him.

-Goal Setter

A successful young man is able establish goals for his life and work hard each day to achieve them.

-Be Still

A successful young man is able to see the value in quiet moments such as reading a relevant book, journaling his thoughts and praying alone.

-Leverage Technology

A successful young man is able to recognize and utilize technology, but he is also self-controlled enough to not let it dominate his life.

-Financially Aware

A successful young man understands the power of money and works hard to earn it and manage it properly.


A successful young man is able to set aside the issues of his youth and move forward in life with inner strength and confidence.

What do you think it takes? What has helped you be successful?

Let’s be a community of men that share, connect and help other men grow!

  • I totally agree. Dads (if present in the family) have not took the responsibility to tell their sons what their definition of a man. I sat my son down when he was 16 and laid out the 6 characteristics I believe make a man. I also try to reinforce these with him at times that one of those characteristics are in jeopardy or he is doing well.


    I would welcome your comments on my ideas of a man as well.

    Dad’s – stay in the fight to raise your sons with the moral compass and eye on Jesus you would desire for them to replicate.

    • Awesome John! Thanks for sharing and adding your thoughts. As a father of a toddler son, I know it’s up to me to lead him and show him the straight path. Thanks for the link and keep up the good fight!

  • JT

    Brian!! how ya doing my friend…good post as always…shared this with my son and asked him what has been instrumental, key for him so far and he said that he has to keep reading his bible, renewing his mind everyday because “there’s so much junk out there and I need to know the truth about it” …SO, if I may I refer back an older post and my comments “so first things first ..you gonna have pick the bible up..start reading that bible..and make a commitment and decide that this is going to be my source and whatever I read that doesn’t line up with my thinking I’m not gonna try to change the word but I’m gonna allow this word change my thinking.

    Thanks and keep up the good work brother.

    • JT! Great to hear from you brother! I’ve been good. Busy with family and work.

      I can’t agree more. Reading the Word and applying the Word is essential to a mans success. It’s also essential that a father share and discuss this information with his son. You set an awesome example brother!

  • Edgar Duarte

    Hello I’m a young man 25 years old I’ve been all on with the Lord for about a year and a half. I would say I have most of these qualities but not all of them. I don’t have the fellowship with Godly men as I would like to, don’t have a mentor and I’m not financially aware. If anybody would like to make a connection and mentor me I’m glad to open up to that. Any advice or comments are welcome too. God bless.

    • Edgar, thanks for reading and sharing your heart. You’re really in a great position in your life. Ages 25-27 were huge transitions for my life. Now that you recognize areas where you need to grow, it’s up to you to take the initiative moving forward.

      I’ve recently been doing some research on accountability. I looked to Jesus and the disciples for ideas. I noticed in Mathew 4 that Jesus pursued the disciples. They did not pursue Jesus… This is important because I believe He’s showing us an example that we should be following. Real accountability requires you to take action. Don’t wait for someone to come to you! Overall, pray specifically for these areas in your life. Ask Jesus to give you strength and the confidence to talk to other men.

      I believe it’s time for you to step up! Be brave, pray often and go where God leads you!

  • David Jafya

    This is inspirational. Wish I had more men accountable to.
    Love from Kenya.

    • Thank you brother. I would encourage you to keep praying about it and don’t be shy in seeking out brothers. Just as Jesus pursued the disciples, sometimes we must step up and seek out an accountability brother!

  • Fred Espinosa

    I appreciate these amazing examples.

    As a minister that works with incarcerated young men, I find that these examples could greatly apply with some adaptation.

    May God continue to us this forum for His glory as we grow as Men of God.

    • Thank you Fred. I appreciate you working with these young men!