The 5 Best Apps Available for Christian Men

As of 2015, reports show over 1.5 million Apps are available for download from both Google and Apple. That my brothers, is a lot of apps!

Over the last month, I started making my way through those Apps (on the Apple Store) in an effort to find the very best apps available to men, more specifically Christian men.

I want to be honest with you, I reviewed nearly 20 different apps, but found that most hadn’t been updated in months or you had to spend too much money in order to access the content.

With that in mind, ALL of the apps listed below appear to be updated often and are FREE!

Listen guys, if you’re too busy or if you feel like you simply don’t have the time to maintain your walk with Christ, then I highly suggest you review the App options listed below, pick at least two and start engaging in them on a daily basis.

My goal with this post is to not only expose the best Apps available to Christian men, but to also feature the best part of each App. I’d encourage you to go through each one and choose which one you think will suit you best, based on what sets it apart from the crowd.

I’ll let the apps speak for themselves now, and pray that your walk with Christ and the relationships around you are re-established or transformed by at least one of the powerful Apps listed below.

Here are the 5 Best Apps Available for Christian Men!

1. Man Up Gods Way

What sets this App apart from the crowd? The Interaction!

The possibilities to meet and interact with other men on this App are endless. After sign-up, you’ll find the Home Screen & Navigation Screen friendly and easy to use. From there you can dig into the latest challenge, read the latest resources or post a hurdle. The “Hurdles” section is a powerful place where you can share your heart anonymously and get replies from real brothers supporting you and sharing their advice. Man Up and download it today! (Download Options Here)

2. Giant Slayers

What sets this App apart from the crowd? The Daily Notifications!

This App is unparalleled if you are looking for daily notifications on scripture and hard questions every man needs to answer. These notifications are picked and built just for you after you sign-up and take a short assessment based on your current spiritual walk. From there, you can set up “My Tracks”. My Tracks offers you multiple choices from daily or weekly notification plans, and also offers you timed plans (7-14 days) for specific topics such as pornography and human trafficking. You pick the Track and you pick the notification times. Become a fellow Giant Slayer today! (Get more info here, visit your App store to download)


What sets this App apart from the crowd? The Challenges!

Once you sign up for the Uncommen App, you’ll be immediately faced with a handful of challenge options. From being a better father or role model, to offering fun ways to improve your marriage. The “U Can Lead” challenge was my personal favorite because it impacts every man who joins the App. This challenge hit me with hard questions such as who could I count on during an emergency and how to spend some real time thinking about my purpose in life. Jump on this App today and pick the challenge that best suits your needs now! Finish it like a man and move onto the next one! (Download Here)

4. Live Bold

What sets this App apart from the crowd? The Resources!

Get ready to set up Camp guys! Once you sign up for free, you’ll find the App easy to search and loaded with tons of great resources. Click on the “Campfire” tab and you’ll find the latest video and article specifically relevant to men. If you’re not sure what a Christian man is, then scroll down the menu where you’ll find resources specifically built to answer your questions about the Christian life. And one of the best parts of the App is the Daily Kickstart. This is a great way to start your day off with a quick word of encouragement and scripture. Grab some kindling and set up camp today! (Download Here)

5. He Reads Truth

What sets this App apart from the crowd? The Reading Plans!

If you have some extra time before work or are looking to grow a deeper relationship with Christ, then this is the devotional App you’ve been looking for. From the menu you’ll find full access to the Bible and great looking Lock Screen images which are perfect for your phone. But the real power of this App is the reading plans. Once you choose your plan, you’ll engage in a great journey. Each plan offers a tab for relevant scriptures, then you’ll be challenged with devotional questions, and at the end you’ll have a chance to share your personal thoughts about the devotional of the day. Download this App and experience real growth in your faith! (Get more info here, visit your App Store to download)

Guys, I strongly encourage you to check out these Apps this week and download a few of them. These all contain powerful content that can help you get back or stay on track in your daily walk in life and in your faith.

No more excuses!

If you have one of these Apps already, please share your thoughts about it!

If you download one and try it, please share your experience with us!

(Also, please feel free to add a link in the comments to an App I might have missed. Please make sure the App is up to date and is meant to serve men. Thank you.)

  • Keith Rushing

    I will definitely try a couple of these! Thank you for your encouraging words. We need more young men engaged with other men who are strong believers to encourage and spur one another on. Keep fighting the Good Fight! keith

    • Absolutely Keith! Thank you for sharing that word!

  • Jordan Hazen

    The man up and giantslayer apps I have been with for quite awhile and really enjoy them alot go tandem is another great app and cavetime has an app that is awesome for men and learning how to be a more godly man and to take it to the streets of your neighborhood and community and house I hope you men of faith will look into these as I have found them extremely important and helpful for my walk and in starting a men ministry and to help mentor my boys and also the men I work with and I work oilfield and let’s be honest that’s a tough crowd

    • Jorday, it’s great to hear you have already been engaging in some of these apps. Thank you for adding your experiences and let’s keep spreading the word about these awesome Apps!

  • William Allen Haught Jr.

    The man up app is great met new friends and gotten encouraging words whenever I post a hurdle. Plus the challenges are great for men.

    • Great to hear William! Thank you for checking it out and sharing your experiences!

  • Keith Boggs

    Bryan, I appreciate your insight on Apps for Christian Men. Check out the REAL MOMENTUM for Men App, we released it just over a year ago and with nearly 4,000 downloads. We are still praying through and developing our strategy but the App currently includes audio, video, and written content that is updated weekly with audio messages deigned to help men win in their relationship with God, their families, and the church to the ends of the earth. You can get the app at

    • Keith, thank you for sharing this App info. I look forward to checking it out!

    • Keith, hope you have been well! I wanted to see if you’d be interested in sharing a guest article on the site. You could talk about your ministry and the app. Let me know and we’ll get it in the works. Thanks (

  • Pete DiAngi

    Cannot seem to locate the Giant slayer app anywhere……. Does anyone have a link???

    • Hey Pete? What type of device are you using? I just went to the iTunes store, typed in “Giant Slayers” and it came right up. I believe it is available on Android as well. If you are searching another store such as Windows, it may not be available. Let me know what you find out. Thanks!

  • Travis DeWitt

    I have been active on the “Man Up” app for quite a while following using the text for a small group. It is a great app. I feel that one of the most significant tools Satan uses in our world against men is isolation. The greatest thing about this app and the community that uses it, is that it textually represents other men that are struggling to get through the difficulties in life as a Christian man in this world. We were not meant to go through this alone. I would highly recommend it.

  • Eric Smith

    Go tandem

  • Eric Smith

    Bryan, amazing this article from ’16 just posted today… Tome for an update on those apps.

  • Wife

    Hello, I realize this was posted a while ago, but some of the links are broken and the apps don’t seem to exist anymore, can you update the app choices?