The Necessary Maintenance Manhood Requires

Time passes.

Circumstances change.

People come and people go.

Life gets busy.

Life gets boring.

Relationships go bad.

Relationships go good.

The necessary maintenance it takes to make sure that throughout all of these circumstances, you maintain your mature manhood and faith in Jesus. Do you perform it as often as you need?


Maintenance requires maturity. [Tweet That]

Maintenance requires a man to think beyond himself and think about the people around him.

Maintenance requires a man to think beyond today and plan for his future.

Maintenance requires a man to hold to his wedding vows exactly as he speaks them. [Tweet That]

Maintenance requires a husband to take responsibility for his soon to be children.

Maintenance requires a father to do his duties of raising his children according to the standard of God.

Maintenance requires a man to review his relationship and faith in Christ daily. [Tweet That]

Are you performing the necessary maintenance in your life or circumstances?


Whether you care to admit it or not, all aspects of your regular life require maintenance. You car must be maintained in order to run properly. Your house needs cleaned inside and out often to maintain order. Your work requires you to maintain consistency in showing up on time and getting your work done in a timely manner. You know these things and, at this point, you almost do them without any thought of the maintenance you are performing.

Your spiritual walk demands a level of maintenance. It’s why God has led me to lead the charge with It is why I wrote a 30 day challenge specifically on the topic of maintenance. It’s why I continue to write articles about maintaining your faith daily and weekly. Your spiritual walk is about your relationship and faith in Christ. It is the most importance type of maintenance you will ever perform in your life.

When was the last time you considered the maintenance needed in your regular life?

More importantly, when was the last time you considered the maintenance needed in your spiritual life?

Man up this week and review all areas of your life, like the ones mentioned in the above sentences.

Pray for strength. Pray for guidance. We’ll be praying for you as well.

What are some areas that need Maintenance in your own life and are you ready to perform it?


  • Craigmeister

    I like this idea of maintenance, but would like to see it fleshed
    out. What immediately comes to mind are the things I am dealing with. We
    oil our air tools each time we use them. We change the oil in our cars,
    the brakes, and the tires, and clean and re-stain or re-seal the deck
    and on it goes. Putting off these tasks results in the things breaking
    down and usually a much larger cost to restore. Also these tasks vary.
    Oiling the nail gun is easy and very simple. Re-sealing the deck is not,
    but is only needed once a year (possibly less often). But all need to
    be done on a somewhat regular basis. What are the analogies to life and
    relationship to God and family?

    Don’t leave the room or go to bed angry?
    On a regular basis, ask your wife how she is doing, really probe her?
    Hug, be very affectionate with your kids?
    Get away with your wife somewhere for a few days alone?

    Meet with a mentor once a ____?
    Talk to a friend who will respond honestly no matter how painful?

    There also things at the most personal level:
    Taking time each day and especially at crossroad type happenings to humble oneself before God and family?
    Refreshing, feeding, reminding the mind with Bible readings?

    What else?