5 Daily Options to Help you Mature in your Faith

Work, family and entertainment are the three things taking up the most time in the lives of men today. There is nothing wrong with these three things, in fact, they all have their place of necessity in a man’s life.

What I continue to work on though are the ways to keep a man’s faith strong while still having to engage in these things and the activities that surround them.

For me, and some of my good friends, it isn’t always easy to keep our faith strong on a daily basis. The three areas mentioned above all demand our time, some more than others, and we have to figure out ways to make them all satisfied. Again, not always easy.


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So I want you to consider 5 DAILY options to help you mature in your faith.

When I considered these options,  I decided that they had to be in short time periods. Meaning whatever you choose to do daily, needs to only take a few minutes of your time. It will make it easier to do and easier to remember. This isn’t to say that the activity of choice is not important, but that it needs to be short and effective. It also doesn’t mean that the time couldn’t go longer then a few minutes once you engage in it.  Remember these are for DAILY options.

Here are the 5 options and some ideas on how to accomplish each one. Add what you do daily and how you accomplish it in the comments at the end.

1) Short Prayer

Prayer is powerful men and we all need to do more of it! I have put this option at the top of the list because I believe it is the best option to choose. As a daily way to mature in your faith, choose to say a short prayer each day. There is no time limit to your prayer, but just keep it short and to the point. Just like any good relationship, you need to keep great communication with Jesus.

HOW: If you have a smartphone, go to your calendar. Open a new event and made the headline “Short Prayer Today”. Pick a time that you know will offer you a few minutes of freedom. Set the reminder option to go off “everyday”.

2) Scripture Reading

Scripture is powerful men and we all need to read more of it! I could start out every option with that headline, but I’ll won’t hit you with it every time. Digging into God’s Word is essential to knowing Him and keeping a great relationship with Him. For this to work daily, try to set it up by only reading a couple verses a day. Again, if you keep it short, you’ll be more likely to do it and keep doing it.

HOW: Keep it simple and just open your Bible before you leave for work each morning. Or, again with technology, download the free Bible App, sign up for a reading plan and get a notification sent to your phone everyday.

3) Devotion

I recently went on Amazon and found solid men’s devotional options. Devotionals are great because they not only supply you with a verse to read, but they also offer great lessons learned and life experiences. You never know, the answers you seek in your current issue or struggle could be in a devotion. Devotions are especially helpful if you have a hard time talking to other people about your faith because of the life experiences shared.

HOW: Head to Amazon or to your local Christian book store and pick out a devotional that works for you. Keep it beside your bed or in the center console of your car. Read it before you go to bed or as soon as you get out of work.







4) Journal

Keeping a journal is a great way to share what’s on your mind and reflect on those thoughts in the future. I currently don’t keep a daily journal, but I do keep a journal specifically for Church and Church related events (Men’s Group). A journal can help you resolve your thoughts in a safe and productive way.

HOW: Head to your local bookstore and pick out a nice one. Keep it smaller so that you can take it more places and keep it more accessible. Or, download a journal App on your smartphone and get a notification each day to write! Click here to see some cool options.

5) Ask Jesus

If none of the other options interested you, I would suggest a simple yet very effective option; ask Jesus.

HOW: Well, it’s simple. Each and everyday you ask Jesus how you can better serve Him, love Him, worship Him and so on. You don’t need any special tools to do this one, you just need to be aware and ask. Try it!

Now that you know these five options, my challenge and encouragement to you is to try at least one of these everyday for an entire month. If you think a month sounds hard, remember that I initially wanted to write “year“.

“Real relationship with Jesus requires real persistence.”

Which one will you choose for an entire month? If you’re already experiencing a great relationship with Jesus, share some of your daily ways with the Manturity Community.


  • quelle

    Some great ideas

    • Thanks quelle. Any thoughts on which one you find the best or most effective in your own walk?

      • quelle

        I think points 1 and 2. I find that these are essential to avoid drift in my walk. The enemy of the modern age for Christians seems to be things that sap our time away from God. I am sure every generation was busy but we are distracted like never before. I always find that high productivity in terms of work output and quality of relationships occur when am doing at least 1 and 2. I guess it’s the Seeking first aspect. It also makes me feel more optimistic. I remember a kindly Christian once said to me when I got saved many years ago that God had a an for my life. That excited me and still does. But I know that the only way to find out about this unfolding plan is to stick close to him.

  • JT

    Another good post Brian..gotta say I fully agree with you on point #2..this one to me is the most important. We have to have his word daily..I have come to understand that our minds, as wonderful as they are ..they are pliable..easy to shape or manipulate and susceptible not to mention receptive to outside influences and information…so we need the word DAILY to help mold and bring inline our thinking(more on that later)..to make sure it lines up with what the word says..and anything I find in the word that doesn’t line up with my thinking..I’m not gonna let my thinking change the word but let the word change my thinking…if you are out of the word of GOD you are subject to deceptions..and as men that’s what we are gonna have to realize, that our victory is always gonna be in the word of GOD…it is the victory that overcomes the world..even our faith. Consistency is the key to the breakthrough…we are gonna have to keep doing it over and over and over again…ahh man so much to say so little time..gotta go…Thanks Brian..may GOD continue to bless you and this work of yours!!!

    • Thanks for adding your insight JT. Love the point about our minds being pliable and we need to shape them accordingly or something else will. Stay consistent brother and keep up the good work!

  • Aaron

    Such a good word Brian. Point 1 and 2 Prayer and the word are invaluable to me. Jesus has overcome the world and when I pray and read the word he overcomes me and anything or any argument in my mind that stands up against the knowledge of who he is. Its not what Jesus does for me that compels me to love him but who he is and what he did because of who he is. If you have battles like we all do, seek him not just to overcome your problem but because he is the overcomer. Seek him for who he is not for what he can do for you and you will find you can seek him because you want to not out of religiouse obligation. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and strength, its not a requirement its a promise from God to you that he can course you to love him and so your familly and all people that much. “Love one another, If you love me you will obey my command.”John 15.

    • Love this Aaron! I appreciate you taking the time to share your wisdom and add some more depth to this article.

  • Brian Tooley

    I love reading the blogs on manturity. I like the idea of journaling. I want to start that. My pastor had the congregation journal about our Bible reading using three simple steps that we use at church: Stepping In, Building Up, Living out. Stepping In is where we choose a verse that God spoke to us. Building Up is where we build our faith and write out what God showed us. Finally, Living Out is where we pray to God to live out what he showed us.

    • Brian, that is an awesome method brother. It sounds like a great format for growing in your walk with Christ. If you try it out for some time and find it to be effective, you should develop an article that explains it and I’ll share it on Manturity!

      • Brian Tooley

        Thank you. I will do that.

  • Ryan

    this is great