Mature Manhood Requires These Three Things

It was three years ago this month that God showed me an entirely new direction for my life. Before that direction was revealed to me though, it had been about 6 months of re-building my marriage and getting to know Christ in a real way. During those months I continued to ask God these specific questions:

“God, how can I stay consistent in this new walk with you?”

“God, how can I keep my marriage on this beautiful upward swing?”

Praying those prayers through those months finally paid off. God told me one day, in a very loud and clear voice that He wanted me to start writing. Keep in mind that I had no experience in writing and quite simply feared the notion of having to attend a Grammar Class in my High School days. But either way that was the direction God threw down in front of me. So, shortly after that experience and through many more prayers, God helped me come up with


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What I didn’t realize three years ago was that God was showing me much more then just writing, He was showing me purpose. He was providing me with a passion and He was supplying me with an opportunity to seek Him out everyday in prayer.


Now, let me be clear in saying that this process and change in direction took some time to build and understand. Although God had pointed to the direction, I still had to choose to walk the path or not. I started asking a lot of questions through prayer. How am I going to write well? How would I start a blog and actually get people to read it? Quite simply, how do I start? Finding the answers to these questions became my new passion and pursuit.

What am I going to write about? What did God want me to read and learn? I started taking some of these questions to some experienced brothers in Christ and they helped me along the path. I started out with a 30 Day Challenge to help change my habits. You can start your own challenge here. I also started reading the essential book on manhood, “Wild at Heart”. And, of course, I started digging into the scriptures. I wanted to learn how to become a better man, a stronger husband and a true follower of Christ. Seeking out these things became part of my daily purpose and passion.

Trying to tackle all of these new habits and desires made me seek God on a daily basis. I would and still do ask Him for direction. What does He still want to show me? What does He still want me to learn? These questions gave me a new desire to seek Him out in prayer everyday and they still do.


After just three short years, you can see the results of making Christ my passion, purpose and prayer in life. Not only has helped shape me into a greater man of God and keep building a better marriage, but it continues to touch the lives of thousands of men, women and marriages every month.

“In all your ways acknowledge him,
and he will make your paths straight.”  (Proverbs 3:6) 

Now I want to throw the questions back at you…

I continued to ask God two very specific questions at the top and I didn’t stop until He showed me the answers. What questions are you asking God? And if He answers those questions, are you ready to accept the terms and conditions? I would have never guessed I’d be writing for the Kingdom, but it is what God has called me to do. He is calling you to do great things as well. The question is are you listening and are you ready?

Start praying this week about how God could bring alive a passion, purpose and prayer in your life. It doesn’t matter what stage of life you are in or what you have done in your past. God is ready to do great things in your life, so Man Up and start asking!

Have you heard the call from God on your heart? Share your personal passion, purpose and prayer. If you don’t know, share your ideas and seek help from the Manturity Community.

  • Joseph Villa

    Three years ago I quit my job to pursue my passion of teaching full time. I strongly felt God nudging me in this direction. It’s been a long journey of discovery, but God has shown himself and had provided for me an my family every step of the way. In the fall I start teaching full time. I’ll be teaching science, which typically doesn’t have many believers. But through prayer, I know I’ll be right where God wants me.

    • Awesome story Joseph. Thank you for sharing and confirming God’s calling in our lives. I hope it all goes well for you!

  • God called you to do something when you decided to be a seeker of His plan for your life. The fact that you are a great writer kinda confirms what He already knew Bryan. Great story and insight.

    • Very true Joe. I guess I can say my identity was fulfilled 🙂

  • Chris Craig Sr.

    I THANK GOD for leading you to build this site. And THANK YOU for answering HIS CALL. MANTURITY has shown me that I am not alone in the search for what GOD has in store for my life, and how my faith walk could help others with theirs. I hope ALL who are lead here by GOD receive the warmth of GOD’s light and the strength to be able to see what their own path is through GOD’s eyes and not their own desires !!! BE BLESSED EVERYONE !!!

    • Great to see you on the site Chris! Looking forward to sharing your testimony this week!

  • Neat story Bryan, thanks for sharing it 🙂 I’m sorta the exact opposite; I’ve always loved expressing myself in writing, it just took me several years to start using it for the glory of God. Hence why Millennials for Jesus Christ exists now 🙂 It’s a fun and challenging project!

    Formerly I was a videogames critic. I wrote professionally for a couple sites for a span of about seven years. Even traveled to Los Angeles a couple times for the E3 event. Those days are now behind me. It thrills me to now share the burdens of my heart from a spiritual standpoint.

    I don’t have a clue who benefits from my stuff, but I’m not worried about it. As they say, “even one person makes it all worth it” 🙂

    Keep it up.

    • Millennials for Christ is a great idea and great direction. There are a lot of hurting people and broken marriages in our generation and they need positive voices to listen to. I learned that the articles I write are ultimately prayers and lessons for myself. And, I agree, if it can impact the lives of others then it is all the better.

      Keep leading and the great work as well!

  • Dave

    God has laid on my heart the vision of encouraging men to be spiritual leaders of their homes. I have failed in about every area in this and when God made himself known it was obvious to the need. Looking back in life their has been so many learning steps that were hard to accept but know they were put there to help me learn how to live. I pray that before I am taken home that I can have an impact in this world that will benefit the King of Kings. Great site and Gods speed.

    • Thanks Dave. It sounds like God has set you on a great mission! Take your failures and use them to help other men and marriages. All I can say is keep pursuing it and keep asking God for your directions. He is faithful brother!

  • Brian Tooley

    God has laid on my heart to other men in my church like myself struggle silently with porn addiction. I led a men’s group through Every Man’s Battle a few years ago which was a god-send. I met a brother in Christ through the group who is my best friend and we are accountability partners to this day. I still slipped and looked at porn month after month year after year. It wasn’t until last month in Kenya that God changed me. My pastor asked if I would share my testimony at a Kenyan church. God spoke to me and said “Don’t hold back!!!” I shared my story but still didn’t tell the whole story. I came home and was so close to God. Satan was on the prowl. On July 5th, I binged watched on porn. I cried out to God. I was a broken man. I went to church the next morning feeling broken inside. I didn’t want to be there. The worship songs spoke about freedom and breaking the chains. I was moved and then came my pastor’s sermon on self-control. WOW!!! God remade me in a matter of an hour and fifteen minutes. I still held onto my secret of what kind of porn I was addicted to. I saw the aforementioned brother at church that day and told him something I had never told anyone. I was addicted to gay porn. I have held onto this secret for 30 years. Now, I have joined my church’s Celebrate Recovery program. I shared my story addicted to gay porn. The leader affirmed my soul by saying that it took such courage to share my addiction in front of a group of guys. It is all God!!! God has changed my life for the better through this program. In fact, I have been asked to led a group in a few weeks. Me, a guy addicted to gay porn leading a group. My past is my past and God holds my future. My pastor says something that is always in my mind “Obedience then blessings!!”. I am obedient to God’s Word and now God is blessing me.

  • Donald Borsch Jr.

    1. Learn to be a son to our Father, because Jesus was/is the ultimate Father-pleaser, and since we strive to be like Him…

    2. Understand that without purpose in your life, as a man, you will seek out something to believe in and focus on that will probably not be that which our Father has intended for you, so be sober-minded and intentional…

    3. The New Covenant has the “freedom to fail” built into it, so do not be harder on yourself than our Father is on you. Failure is merely our Father’s way of encouraging us to realize what is Him and what is us…