War Zones: Preparing for the Expected

A war zone is a place known to contain dangerous amounts of heavy artillery; artillery that could take you out in a moments notice. I’m not talking about guns and ammo, instead I’m talking about the type of artillery that could take out the heart of a man.

Men, everyday we’re faced with war zones and it’s up to us if we’re going stand up and fight for our hearts and the hearts of the other men around us. Some war zones hit us with unexpected force, others should be expected. The question is whether or not you will choose to face that war or whether you will choose to avoid it.



I, like many of you, have to go to work everyday. We do it to support our families, our interests and ourselves. And with work comes war zones. Some of you may not even realize your war zones, but for me, I realized it last week.

You see, everyday I have to go to work at the same location. I am required to walk to certain areas everyday to make sure my work areas are clean and under control. Now as I walk into the building, I am faced with multiple paths to get to the areas I need to go to. And, last week, as I went to turn down the first corridor, I realized I was putting myself in a war zone. I actually stood still for a moment and heard God speak. He was showing me possible solutions to the war zone I could possibly face.

What was the war zone? Well, if I choose to go down a certain corridor, there is a 95% chance I’m going to walk by one of the more attractive women working in the facility. It is a location where they regularly group together and work. As a man, that location is a war zone against my heart and my marriage.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am in no way saying there is anything bad or wrong with these women. I’m sure they are well respected and very hard workers. The issue is with me, it is with my heart. I know how my eyes work and I know how hard they are to control when faced with such intense artillery.

Now, the thing about this war zone, is that it is expected. I have walked that corridor many times and I know what to expect. I know the women I could possibly see and I know it will be hard for me to not look or even glance.

So with that and mind, and still standing there in that hallway, God shows me the 10%. He helped me realize that if I go up about another 100 ft, I could lower my chance of running into a war zone by 85%. Meaning with just a little bit of extra effort, I could still get my work done effectively and not have to face a possible heart failure. I now walk a different path each day.


My example is just one of many war zones that I have to face everyday. And as I shared my heart above, I challenge you to take a hard look at the war zones you face everyday.

Maybe you face a similar war zone like me? Is there a location of heavy artillery that you could be staying away from everyday or are you choosing to walk right into open fire? Open fire will only take deadly shots at your heart and will slowly break you down. Choose the 10%. Choose to go around. Choose to take the long way. Choose to honor God.

This is the first of many articles to come about a Man and his War Zones.

Take a moment and consider your war zone… What is one area in your life that is a war zone and needs immediate and emergency attention? Let’s get into it below.

  • Free will bro. We choose to honor God. Well done.

  • Guest

    As I commented on another post, even Church itself is a war zone. Great post.

    • JT

      Brian. .hope you dont mind..When I get a free min..Imma get in this again….:-)

      • Sounds good JT. It will be here 🙂

  • Prophet George W Bush PBUH

    As I commented the other day on another post, even Church itself is a war zone. Great post.

    • I do recall your comment and completely agree. Sometimes the best thing you can do it move seats. Thanks for your input

  • Really good! The ordinary things that we don’t think much about could have consequences we don’t want. Very insightful!

  • Probably the case for most men, my general war zone is the interwebs. That’s why I have Covenant Eyes installed on my laptop, phone, and tablet. I often have to work hard every week to not be “obliterated” by the enemy’s artillery, but I’m thankful for the spiritual workouts 😉 So thankful for God’s grace and forgiveness in arena…

  • Well Said! Life is a battle! It is a joy-filled battle with victory in Jesus. My post this Wednesday is about war also. Well done!

  • Nicole M.

    Wow. I praise God for your transparency and vulnerability. As a single young woman I find this blog refreshing and encouraging that there are men who value maturity. Men who value their marriage and their relationship with Christ. I had no idea men really struggled in these areas even though I’ve heard it said many times they are more visually stimulated. This blog has caused me to take a look at some of the men around me in my work environment and how they look at/interact with me, and yes there are some inappapriate behaviors I’ve noticed. Now I know why! Thanks again for your openess. I’m interceding for God’s men to rise up and stand in their positions as leaders.

    • Nicole, thanks for adding your thoughts. I appreciate your insight and view on the subject. A lot of women are taking these articles and taking offense to them. I always try to make it clear that my goal is to always respect the women that I’m around and when I write these articles. The real problem is with the men and how they interact with other women. Some men don’t even realize it and that’s why these articles are needed.
      Random question: Do you do any writing? I would be interested to share some articles about single ladies should act around married men or something similar. Just a thought, no pressure. Have a great day!

  • I do not get this. Your marriage will be threatened and put in danger if you SEE an attractive woman? I’m married and have no problem with my husband having eyes, nor using those eyes to notice an attractive woman. However, because my husband doesn’t view women as artillery shells but rather people, I know he’s much more likely to say “hello” then going out of his way to avoid being in their presence.

    You mentioned on Twitter the importance of boundaries for married men, but if those boundaries involve literal physical avoidance of women who are attractive, I think you’re taking things much too far and viewing women with a very problematic lens. Women, even attractive ones, should not be viewed as threats. Nor should they be compared to war zones in weakly crafted analogies. Maybe if you talked to women, you’d understand that better?

    • Emily, I can appreciate your stance and your feedback on Twitter. Not all marriages will be put in danger if the husband sees an attractive woman, but there are some men who are more vulnerable to women then others.
      In the case of this article, I make a clear point that there is nothing wrong with the women but that the issue is with men and my eyes. This is the case with many other men. And since I don’t know the women, my choice of walking past them or walking by them should be of no impact to them.
      And yes, there are times when I do need to walk past and talk to many women during the day, and I do it with the utmost respect.
      I feel people are taking this in the wrong context and, instead of reading comments or considering the positive impact on marriages, they take it personal and in the wrong direction.
      We all have our own opinions and beliefs and God speaks to us all in different ways. I hope this can help clear things up and if not, please let me know. Thank you

  • Jason

    Great advice and I can relate to this very well! My war zone is right in my own neighborhood as there are many attractive women living here. But I don’t even allow myself the chance to glance. I simply walk on the other side of the road. Not every situation is this easy, especially in a work environment. So I think your strategy is very good. A simple glance may seem harmless, but it’s really not. All bad situations start with a glance. So even if a man has to go out of his way to avoid these temptations, it’s 100% all worth it. Be strong my fellow brothers and follow Christ!

    • A great word Jason! Stay strong brother and thank you for sharing your heart.