New eBook: Strong Husband

No man plans to get married and be a weak husband. But that is what’s happening in this culture and it’s destroying marriages on a daily basis. Men hand over a ring to their beautiful wife, but they haven’t been trained properly. They start out strong, but over time their strength fades and so does the marriage.

Nearly every marriage book that I’ve ever had my eyes on has focused on how to build a stronger marriage with your wife while the two of you are together. How to communicate, how to love each other, how to forgive and so on. The problem I had, and the problem I think many men are facing is what they are suppose to do around other women. What is a husband suppose to do once he leaves that front door of his house?

A Strong Husband can be built by having the knowledge of how to build his marriage while he is with his wife and how to protect his marriage while he is away from his wife. Without the knowledge of both, the chances of survival are lowered.


What’s the Big Deal about Strong Husband?

The real power behind the Strong Husband eBook is in the variation of the material. The first couple chapters are focused primarily on the husband. They challenge him to consider critical marriage questions and what his needs are and how to share them with his wife. After completing the marriage prayers and challenges for these chapters, then we dig into the meat of a successful marriage.

The next chapters deal with specific methods and tools you can use to build your character and the character of your marriage.  Dig into some simple, yet effective ways to handle yourself around single and married women. Get some insight on how and what you should be talking to other women about and see how a secret crush could end your marriage abruptly and painfully.

To tie all of the information together, I share some solid insight in how to improve your marriage while with your wife. Learn how doing devotions can bless your marriage in ways you never thought possible. Discover how just the use of your tone in your marriage could impact it in a good or bad way. And finally, review some powerful, everyday ways that you could make your marriage great!

Why do you need to read Strong Husband?

Because your marriage is worth it. Whether your marriage is going good for the moment or has been at the edge of a jagged rock, this eBook will offer you insight into areas you had not thought about yet. With a challenge and prayer at the end of each chapter, you’re going to have to really dig deep and see if your leading your marriage the right way.

Because at the price of only $2.99, it’s an amazing value for the powerful content it contains. It features over 40 pages of simple tips and techniques that could help change your marriage starting today. 

Because reading this eBook is something you can do on your smartphone or computer now and be finished with it in a half an hour or less. Doesn’t a mere $2.99 and an hour of your time seem worth it to a better and stronger marriage? If your answer is obvious, then purchase your PDF copy today and start applying the tools in your marriage today as well!