5 Reasons Moments of Greatness Matter

Stop! Before you go further into this article, I want you to step back for a moment and consider a personal moment of greatness…

Do have it? Can you picture it? Good!

Maybe you had moment similar to mine when I finally graduated college after all the “painful” years and hard work. Maybe your moment was after winning the final game of the season and holding the championship trophy. Maybe it was the moment when you looked your future wife in her eyes and said, “I do”. Or maybe the moment when your first child was born. Was it when you graduated high school? Possibly, or more recently when you finally landed the big job, received a big promotion or even a raise?

We have all had these kind of moments in our lives at some point and we will always remember them. These are the kind of moments that we live for; the ones we long to experience and enjoy. The fact is though, they don’t come around that often and we have to keep that in mind when they do arrive.


Most recently, I experienced a moment of greatness when my first child was born. My wife and I had just laid down to sleep and after about 2 hours and I was abruptly awoken by my wife who said it was time to go! I fumbled around for a few minutes, literally. I mean he was 10 days early, so I wasn’t expecting to leave RIGHT THEN!

Well, we did and 17 hours later my wife gave birth to our first son. We were finally able to see what he looked and sounded like. We were able to hold him in our arms for the first time. I will never forget those moments that I first shared with my wife and newborn son. It was truly an amazing experience. I’m sure anyone that has been through this type of experience can relate.

This was an amazing moment for my wife and I. And as I mentioned above, there have also been great moments in your life. Still have yours pictured in your head? If not, keep digging.

So here are 5 reasons why moments of greatness matter.

1) Great moments are rare

It’s not everyday that your first child is born, you win the big race, you graduate high school or college. These moments are rare and that is what makes them so memorable. We have become numb to the basic things or events that happen in our everyday lives that we often miss the important things in life. This is human nature and we all do it. But when these moments of greatness do come along, and they will, you have to savor them, enjoy them and not forget them.

2) Great moments require work  [Tweet] 

For 10 long months, my wife and I prepared for the birth of our child (I would never say I worked harder than her). Rearranging rooms, finishing old projects, buying baby cloths, equipment and materials. It felt like one of the most definite things to ever occur in my life. I HAD to prepare! I HAD to be ready! A similar process had to occur before your big moment as well. Practicing almost everyday for months to win that championship, classes for years to attain that diploma or degree, and after months of handing out your resume you finally land that big job.

3) Great moments make you appreciate

Anytime I work for something in my life and achieve it, I appreciate it so much more. It took me five years and three promotions to finally get to the big promotion I was working towards in my career path. Once I had attained it, I felt relieved, accomplished and very appreciative. As you consider some of your great moments in life, make sure you are being appreciative of them. When goals, dreams or endeavors are finally achieved or accomplished, be sure to thank the people who helped you get there. Simple gestures such as saying thank you in person and stating why, giving them a Thank You card, and always being willing to be helpful the people that helped you or another person in need are great ways to show your appreciation.

4) Great moments keep you grounded

It is interesting that you can get such a high from a great moment, but also feel so grounded afterwards. A person who goes through and experiences these moments knows that the victory will be remembered and h0nored, but is short. An athlete ultimately knows what it took to get to that moment, and knows that it will take the same if not more effort to repeat the moment again. This is good though, this is how you learn. This is how you grow in maturity and stay grounded.

5) Great moments show you God

Experiencing the birth of my son was an experience like none other and that’s exactly how it should feel. I thanked God over and over for a strong, healthy and happy baby; and for an amazing and healthy wife. So many times in the past I can remember feeling the desire to give up, but calling on God for assistance. God gives us all these kind of moments to remind us of Him. We have to remember that life is a blessing and that without God, neither these or any other moments would not be possible.

Still thinking of your great moment? Write down why that moment mattered so much to you and the impact it has on your life today.


  • Chris Perry

    I find that the moment of greatness start off with some of the hardest things to do. but end up being he moments you’ll never regret….The time i asked for my now soon to be wife’s parent’s for permission for her hand in marriage. then the moment of proposing to her.

    • Great example Christ. I can remember the same moment and agree that it was tough, but the rewards have been great!

  • Bryan, this is great stuff. What do we have if we do not remember these moments and what do we have if we do not let them shape our lives.?

    • Joe, powerful question and response. Seems like with many of these posts on our sites, we could go back and forth with even more in depth ideas.