Quote – John Faris

“A man was carrying a heavy basket. His son asked to help him. The father cut a stick and placed it through the handle of the basket so that the end toward himself was very short, while the end toward the boy was three or four times as long. Each took hold of his end of the stick, and the basket was lifted and easily carried. The son was bearing the burden with the father, but he found his work easy and light because his father assumed the heavy end of the stick. Just so it is when we bear the yoke with Christ; He sees to it that the burden laid on us is light; He carries the heavy end.” -John T. Faris


Life certainly has it’s challenges, but may we never forget the price that Christ paid for all of us. Because of that price, we must not forget the heavy weight that he now bears for all of us.

As a father growing in knowledge of my role, I can certainly see the value in the parallel story mentioned in the quote. I realize that I must work hard everyday so that I can support my son and make his load as light as possible. As light as Christ would like me to make it.

What struggles are you facing today? What burdens or loads are you carrying that are wearing you out or holding you down? Don’t be hesitant, share this information with another man or start praying about it much more often. There is no shame in asking for help. There is only future shame in what you’re holding onto inside.

Let Christ carry the heavy end. He is strong and he is willing to do this for you today. I’d love to help you in any way I can.