3 Ways to BOOST Your Maturity

“The best help we can offer the youth of today is to prepare them for tomorrow.” -Mark W. Boyer

With the thought of growing in spiritual maturity always in the back of my mind, I find it important to keep growing. To keep searching for new ways to learn, grow and mature. I like to review my course or path from the year before and see where I could have done better or maybe where I failed. This process helps me know which path I should take in the future.

Well, the future is now. And I have thought about some great and new ways to pursue a higher level of maturity in this new year. After much thought, I decided on 3 ways to boost my maturity. I think you’ll find the steps beneficial for you as well and hope you take the challenge at the end.


“Remember that mentor leadership is all about serving. Jesus said, “For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many” (Mark 10:45).” -Tony Dungy

BOOST #1: Find a Mentor for your Personal Life

Do your homework. Carefully consider a man who you are good friends with, attend Church with or just trust. This man could be someone you have known for a while or it can come from a recommendation. You want to be comfortable with whoever it is and it would be wise to know some of his background.

Be bold. Once you have chosen a man to walk with, ask him if he would be willing to talk over dinner, at your house or maybe at your Church. Give him a glimpse into your questions, your goals and your desires for their relationship. Be a good steward of his time as he is most likely doing this out of the kindness of his heart.

Don’t hold back.Once you meet, take the opportunity to ask him your questions and be a very good listener. Ask questions if you don’t understand, take notes if you find what he says to be insightful and helpful and in the end thank him for his willingness. Be fearless and set up another meeting if you are able to. Maturity in your personal life is essential.

Boost #2: Find a Mentor for your Work

Consider your options. Although I work with a lot of good men, there are those that really stick out in the mentor world. I have taken the last few years to really assess who would be a good mentor and who would just be a good co-worker. Consider this same idea when approaching someone from your work to discuss your goals and ideas for your future work endeavors.

Be Brave. Finding a work mentor can be for the man already working or the younger man looking to dive into a college education. As I have been in the working world for almost 8 years now, I can approach a mentor on some very specific topics and ask some deeper questions. If you are new to the work environment or are even just interested, do your homework beforehand and ask the best questions you can. It will be more beneficial to your career than you can imagine.

Be Respectful. This opportunity can also take place at a meeting place or even just at the office. You must be the one to take the initiative and you must be respectful when approaching the subject with a mentor or even an existing boss. Be appreciative, listen intensely and respect his point of views whether you agree with him or not. Maturity is essential to your advancement in the workplace.

Boost #3: Find a Mentor for your Spiritual Walk

Pray. Fighting the spiritual battle alone can be dangerous. Proverbs 27:17 may be cliché to most people, but it is a reminder that men need other men to help lead them. This can be needed at any age. As you consider your spiritual growth, pray that God would lead and guide you to a man who has fought the battles and wears the scars but continues to be faithful.

Be Persistent. Once you find a man, elder or even Pastor to mentor you on your spiritual walk; be persistent. Let him know that you would like to meet at least once a month if he is available. If he is not, ask if he can suggest another man to help you. This is the most important category for growing and maturity and you must be persistent in pursuing it.

Become a Leader. Once you have met or even met a few times. Lead your path more wisely by doing what is suggested to you as often as possible. Don’t let the advice in one ear and out the other. Practice what you are being taught on a weekly or daily basis and keep praying. Maturity in your spiritual walk will yield the greatest rewards!

The challenge?  Find ways to pursue one or all of these ways to boost your maturity this year! OR step up and become a mentor to someone in need in these areas.

The question? What is one way you plan to BOOST your maturity this year?

  • Well said. We need fathers to help us grow as well as peers. For centuries we have lived in a fatherless culture, with the last decades being the worst. But God has promised that there will be a time again where the hearts of the fathers will turn to the sons and vice versa. Let it be now! How? Become a son, and then become a father yourself. Blessings on your walk.

    • Amen Ralph! Very well spoken and true. As a new father, I can see all of this working and how badly it needs to work as a whole.

  • Joanna Sormunen

    I think finding an example and a leader to our lives is very important. I have had a chance to encounter with women that have been a great example for me. And even though they have not been a long time in my life due circumstances, their example has meant a lot to me and has persisted after they have gone.

    • Joanna, thanks for sharing your thoughts. You bring up a great point. The examples we follow may not be with us for long, but their impact might stick with us forever. Well said.