Love Machine: Build a Stronger Marriage This Year

Take a moment and imagine with me a man and a women. Married.

For the sake of the topic, let’s say they have been married for a couple of years. If you have been married longer or shorter, you can still apply these ideas to your own marriage. After only a couple of years, there have been some ups and downs, but the marriage marches forward. What I would suggest asking yourself and your spouse is “how can we make our marriage stronger?” “How can we not let some of the bad things of the past effect the future?” You might think these questions are simple to ask, but are you willing to ask them?

Well, if you’re not, lets consider love machine…


What I want you to consider are some ways to make your marriage stronger. I want your marriage to be a love machine. All machines are made up of many moving parts. Each part serves it own and important purposes. On occasion, those parts will go bad and some of them will need replacing.

In our marriages, we call these broken pieces fights, disagreements or even near divorces.  In most cases these are avoidable or even possible to get over, but it takes an understanding from both partners that marriage requires maintenance.

Regular maintenance is what is needed to keep a machine running smoothly for many years. Oil changes, adjustments and occasional major repairs all need to be done to stay in good running order.

In marriage, we can be proactive in our maintenance by attending yearly marriage conferences, joining classes with other couples at your Church and even reading a book with your spouse. Books like “Love and Respect“, “Love and War” or “His Needs, Her Needs” are great starting points to keep up regular maintenance. Yes guys, reading a book with your spouse is very manly and shows a great amount of maturity.

Here are five other ways for building a stronger marriage this year. 

  • Positive Communication
  • Schedule Dates Together
  • Pray Often Together
  • Join Friends Often and Engage in Positive Conversation
  • Send Love Notes or Cards on Occasion

So is your marriage a love machine? 2014 has the potential to be a great year for your marriage if you’re willing to make the necessary changes.

Let go or resolve the issues of the past and gear up, change the oil and keep your marriage engine running strong!

What is one thing you can do to make your marriage stronger this year?

  • JT

    Good post..been doing maintenance since Jan. 1st….all system go!!!

    • Great to hear JT! Don’t let up!