Cover Me In The Day of War

Benaiah and the lion were face to face in the bottom of a deep pit. The other two men that had traveled with him to kill the lion were on their way back to the town, badly injured and no longer holding their worth. Benaiah was slightly injured from the battle with the lion before they ended up in the pit, but he was ready to finish the job – to kill the lion.

Short on weapons, he used a thick old tree root and a dagger still in his tunic. The lions breath rose up from the pit and his eyes glared deep into the eyes of Benaiah’s. Without further hesitation the fight in the pit went into full on battle. The lion wasn’t ready to lose and Benaiah wasn’t returning to the nearby village without the news of a dead lion. The fight was on…


Day of War: Book 1 in the “Lion of War” Series

After starting to read this book about a year ago, I finally found the time to re-engage and get it finished (and I’m glad I did). The author, Cliff Graham, takes the epic stories about King David and his band of Mighty Men to new levels.

With only a little to work with in 2 Samuel and 1 Chronicles, Cliff takes his years of reading and research to new heights in this first book of five in the Lion of War series. It is beyond apparent that he made every effort to stick to the stories written in the Bible and added his own take based off historical research. This book puts David and his men back on the map and in a BIG WAY! Visit the Lion of War website here and sign up for the details related to the coming movie.

What I Loved About The Book

The opening of the book is absolutely gripping. My brief paragraphs at the beginning of this post provide only a slight glimpse of the first few chapters. Most of the stories or tales about the Mighty Men are overdone or cheaply produced. This book restores the strength of the story and keeps you wanting to read more and more as you get into it.

I don’t think my wife would be too much of a fan of this book and for good reason. Cliff doesn’t hold back when it comes to real fights, real struggles that men faced and the pain and glory that went with fighting hard battles. Swords, clubs, arrows, spears and more are just a few of the weapons used and explained in the book.

I also loved learning about “the covering”. Even after personally knowing  God for a couple of years now, I never thought about His protection as a covering. The way God’s protection and assistance to David and his men is explained in the book is excellent. It has completely changed the way I approach my everyday life and prayer habits. You need to learn about the covering.

5 Reasons You Need To Read This Book

  1. You will feel manlier and more heroic. (Even in just everyday life)
  2. You’ll realize that men have struggled with similar issues for years and you’ll learn how to better deal with your issues.
  3. Your knowledge of this time period, King David and the Mighty Men will greatly improve.
  4. You’ll discover “the covering”. An entirely new way to think about God and how He watches over and protects you.
  5. Life can get boring. This series of books will keep you engaged in a powerful story and keep you on a straight path with God.

Day of War is a must read for every man. Ladies, add this to your man’s Christmas list. Gents, I recommend picking up the book or downloading the audio version (like I did).

Have you read Day of War? Share your thoughts on the book or if you’re interested in reading it now.


  • Always insightful commentary bro. To struggle and do battle is a part of life both physically and spiritually. the only way to win is to be equipped. Thanks for the great resource. Dont forget new posts every Mon Tues Weds Fri on Mondays post was about doing battle. Be Blessed.

    • Well said, Joe. I agree with your statement about being equipped. We may not have the weapons back in David’s day, but we still have tools we all need to use often. I’ll be sure to check out the articles.