Learn From Your Past (And Build Your Future)

Go back two years ago and think about where you were in life.

Maybe you were finishing high school or college. Maybe you had wedding bells in the background and you were headed to your honeymoon. First born child or possibly baby number three? Maybe you were happy and maybe you were miserable.

If you’re there, think about how your life has changed since then. Think about what you have learned.

There are a couple of ways that you can look back on those years and compare to where you are now. You either:

  1. Learned from your mistakes and have grown
  2. Not learned from your mistakes and are still the same person

The choice to pick from these two is entirely up to you. Which choice have you made more of over the last couple of years?

FOR ME, I don’t enjoy looking back to the rough times in my life a couple of years ago. But on the other hand, I’m glad God showed me where I was making huge mistakes and started showing me how to correct them. God set me on a path to real spiritual maturity. It has no doubt been a path of determined resolution and ongoing hardihood.

FOR YOU, I don’t know where you were in your life a couple of years ago or even now; but God does and that is what matters. He was there for you then and He is here for you now. Each year (or day for that matter) should be a learning experience for you. Some ones will be good and some ones will be bad, but have faith that God will be there for you.

Learn from your years.

Build for the future.

Continue to grow in spiritual maturity.

Never stop believing that God has more in store for your life! (TWEET THAT)

What have you learned over the last couple years that has changed your life? Share below.