Your Spouse Still Has It!

So my wife had the first anniversary of her 29th birthday this year.

Let’s just put up the image…

has it TOP COVER

Don’t you just love buying birthday cards or any type of card for that matter? In my early days of marriage, I use to stand in the card aisle and just stare at the mass of cute quotes, long speeches and odd pictures. Why do I need to spend $5 bucks on a card when she already knows I love her. Do all males have this issue or is it just me? Remember, I said early marriage.

I finally learned that the reason it was important to get a card for my wife was because she liked to receive them. It all goes back to the love languages. I also learned that I didn’t always have to get the tender card with fancy writing and hearts plastered all over it. I could keep it simple and to the point. Just the way a man likes it. Right?

So let’s get back to that first anniversary birthday again. As some of you can probably relate, this life milestone is not always the most pleasant for some people. I personally don’t think I’ll have a problem with the 30 year mark, but I could be wrong. But I could definitely tell she was struggling.

How do I handle this? How do I let me beautiful wife know that the age means nothing to me and that I still want her like crazy? The answer God sent me was in a card.

I put on my special card reader glasses, took a lot of deep breaths and began my journey down the card aisle.

Do you have any advice on how to find the perfect card for your spouse or have you found a great alternative in your marriage? 

Not this one, not that one. This one looks good, but that one has way too much glitter. This was says a lot of stuff but never gets to the point. That one has way too many hearts. Walk up and down the aisles. Look in other random sections. Read a few strange cards that have nothing to do with my wife, but the crazy dog wearing glasses drew me in. Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about. On and on and on… Finally, I found the perfect card. What did it say?

The front had a husband peaking around the corner of a wall checking out his wife. It said, “Happy Birthday to my wife who still has it.” The inside said, “From your husband who still wants it.”

The card was perfect and I was able to get out of the store finally. It was simple but it put out the message that I wanted my wife to hear. Even though she felt older and bad about herself, I loved her even more! The card was a hit and it made for a great night!

Husbands, we have to do a better job of supporting our wives and letting them know they still have it and you still want it! Find ways to start doing it this weekend!

The best part is still to come. A couple of days after her birthday, we were still talking about the card. Then I mentioned how cool it would be to have t-shirts that said something similar to the card. This was the inspiration I needed to finally open up Manturity Apparel. And you can now get the shirts, featured below, for you and your spouse!

has it cover

I have to admit that I love these shirts, and I think you and your spouse will love them too! My wife and I have worn them a few times and get some great responses! Show off your marriage and get a pair of these shirts! Visit the shop!

My spouse still has it and here’s the shirt to prove it! (Tweet That)

Question: What are some ways you let your spouse know that he or she still has it and you still want it?