Manturity Apparel Launch and Giveaway!

I can’t move my fingers on this keyboard and not be honest, when it comes to t-shirts made for Christians, especially Christian men – I am bored. I can’t do the big and bold text, the full front images or the cliché phrases. I just can’t do it. So here’s what I am doing about it…

Introducing Manturity Apparel! Keep reading for a free giveaway!


A couple months ago when I launched the new Manturity site, I whipped up a Manturity Tee for a free giveaway. The shirt was given away once Manturity reached 50 subscribers. In less than one week, the shirt was in the mail and off to a happy new subscriber.

Then I started getting asked, “where can I purchase one of those shirts?”

Well, to be honest, only 4 of them existed and yes, one is being given away at the END OF THIS POST!

Anyway, my goal behind Manturity Apparel was to design t-shirts for men and women that are simple and yet very effective. The designs and writing are not overly bold or excessive, but they get the point across. In all honesty, I designed shirts that my wife and I both agree we would wear. See if you can guess which ones are our favorite marriage shirts.


For the moment, Manturity Apparel will be operated through the “” platform. Spreadshirt allows you to build your own store, design your own tee’s and make a commission. So the answer is yes, I will make a small commission off the shirts. This will aid the Manturity Blog to grow and serve the Kingdom more effectively!


I have personally purchased a few of these shirts to test them out and see how they look and feel. My wife and I both were very impressed with the quality of the shirt and the designs on them. I think you will love them too!

There are currently over 30 designs featured in both black and white images (total of 60+). The shirts are featured in a particular color, but they can be changed to whatever color you like. Also, there is typically writing or designs on the front and back or sleeve, so be sure to click on the shirt and check them all out.

It gets better! Each month, there will be new designs rolled out for you! Hopefully at least 5-10 new designs will be featured. Some of these feature designs will be highlighted on the Blog. Free Giveaways will most likely come with these new releases!

Will there be discounts? You bet. Spreadshirt recently featured the discount of spend $50.00 dollars and get $10 off. They also featur very low cost shipping rates. I will keep you up to date when these sale options show up.


You only need to do two things to win the t-shirt featured below.

1) Share the awesome news of Manturity Apparel with your friends via social media. Use the media links at the bottom of the post or use this pre-built tweet!

Free Manturity T-Shirt Giveaway and Shop Launch! Click here to enter! (TWEET THIS)

2) Leave a comment below about which shirt in the shop you would love to wear and why. Click here to visit.

This shirt can now be purchased as well!

That’s all you need to do! What are you waiting for? The winner of the giveaway will be announced on Friday! So get sharing and get wearing!

  • seebengo

    I have to say that I liked them all, and would wear any one of them….however, the one that I actually laughed about is “the grass is always greener where you water it”. That’s something that has recently come up in my own life! You need to get these in “real” men sizes though…HAHA (just kidding)…or I need to lose some weight. On a personal note, I love your blog – I look forward to my email in the mornings to read your next post. Keep up the good work!!

    • Thanks for the encouragement brother! I would ask about the “grass is greener” thing, but I’m sure I can put the pieces together. I hope it all works out. Anyway, thank you for reading!

  • Mike Wildsmith

    Love all of the shirts. Great job! I’d say my favorite is either the simple Manturity logo – plain, simple, yet eloquent; or the ManUp shirt because that app and that community is awesome and has helped me through my own personal walk with Jesus. Posted the tweet – would love the free shirt!

    • Mike, thanks for check out the shop and adding your thoughts. The Man Up Leadership community is awesome. As a side note, I am actually the resource man each week. I’m looking forward to checking out the updated app coming out soon!

  • Bob

    100% with the other guys. They’re all good! Establishing spiritual maturity in today’s man is my favorite. That should be every mans moto.

    • Bob, thanks for checking out the shop. I love the tagline as well. God has a great way of putting words together when one is willing to listen. Thanks for entering!

  • Jason Diehl

    This is a great way to promote Manturity and the gospel! The “Man Up” shirt is my favorite, followed by the “grass is greener” shirt. May you be blessed mightily by God for the work you have done/continue to do for His kingdom!!

    • Jason, thanks for the great encouragement. The “grass is greener” tee is definitely one of my favorites as well. Men need to carry that shirt with strength and encourage other men. Thanks for adding your thoughts!

  • I would love to rock a black original Manturity tee!

    • Great News Jeff! You won the Free Giveaway! Hit my up by email with your size and address. I’ll get you the rest of the info.

  • Matthew Gaither

    Hey Bryan! I am really digging the Logo & Sleeve in Royal Blue. Great idea with this. I might have to borrow it from you. =)

    • Mathew, thank you for entering! The logo and sleeve is by far my favorite and I’ve already worn it a bunch of times. Feel free to borrow the idea, it’s a great way to promote the Kingdom.

  • pei-hobbit

    I would love to wear the Man Up shirt. Mainly because I need to “man up” in many ways, and I’d like to be a good example to the younger guys around me too. Keep up the good work! God bless!

    • Brother, thank you for entering and sharing your heart. I love that you want to be a good example to young men. Don’t wait to do this! Hit me up if I can help in any way!


    With the launch of Manturity apparel, be sure to catch the next free t-shirt giveaway. Tell your friends and get into one of the shirts today! Thank you!

    • Great! I am excited! Thank you Manturity.