The Struggle Between Knowing and Doing

You know what you should do, but you never do it. How many times a day do you run into this type of deadlock? Don’t worry, me too…

It can be so easy to put off what you can do today, until tomorrow. The process, as easy as it sounds, can be very frustrating. I think you know exactly what I mean.

Personally, it feels like a strange force is opposing me. I picture myself standing at the bottom of  a large wall, trying to push it. Ah yes, and it goes nowhere.

Other times it feels like driving a car that has wheels, but the tires are missing. You know what the problem is, yet you continue to keep moving along. At a very slow and uncomfortable speed I might add. That actually sounds quite terrible.

So how do you get past the knowing and get to the going?

I’ve asked myself this question many times. Every day in fact. I have a suspicion you have also asked yourself this question, or something similar, as well.

So here is my process, if you want to call it one.

A) Decide what’s holding you back

Fear? Time? Family? Friends? Technology? Work?

B) Talk to God about it

This is absolutely critical. In days past, I would get nowhere when it came to resolutions. These days, I go to God first. Don’t take this for granted. God wants you to go to Him and He can help you in many ways.






C) Weigh the outcomes

After discussing the situation with God, play with some possible outcomes. What are you trying to accomplish? Why are you holding back? Have faith that the outcome will be what’s best for you. Keep in mind that not all outcomes are positive, but you will learn from the negative.

D) Set a goal

What is your realistic time frame to start doing? Are there things you could start doing today? I have learned that doing small things over a long period of time can yield great results. Set a goal today, set another goal tomorrow and keep working towards it.

God has great plans for the things you know you want to do. What are you waiting for?  (TWEET THAT)

So what get’s you motivated to move past the knowing and get, well, to doing? Share below.


  • Jason Neil Soto

    Thank you for writing this. We know that God is gracious in giving wisdom (James 1:5). Yet, we often leave the wisest decision of prayer for the last resort. We definitely need to go to God first.

    I’ve had a tendency in the past to come up with a ton of goals I wanted to accomplish, but not considering the immense time factor each would take from the hours of my life. Now I consider the time component as the major factor when considering pursuing a particular goal. What am I doing now that will have to be taken out in order to achieve said idea?

    I like your statement in saying that small daily things add up to big things in the long haul. So true. Good post.

    • The time factor is so important. I have to do the same thing for all of my projects. Thanks for sharing and adding your insight!