How To Build An Effective Monthly Battle Plan

Over 2 years ago, I made a calendar reminder on my iPhone that looked exactly like this:


“Remember the old ways and how they were! Give God your first fruits! Read your Bible! Pray by yourself and pray over your wife! You’re the man, God is your Father, now prove it! Check your Ten Points! Do it! Keep this Battle Plan and don’t lose! Do it!!!!

I made this reminder a couple of days after my wife and I rededicated our lives to Christ. I was so motivated and was on such a high, that I dropped what I was doing that day and wrote this Battle Plan into my calendar. The reminder goes off for 3 days at the end of every month. And yes, it is reminding me even as I write this…

Here’s the why and how when it comes to a building monthly Battle Plan for your Christian walk. (Click Here to Tweet That)


You, just like everyone else, are so busy these days with work, play and family. There is a very good chance that among all of this chaos, you will quickly forget the very important things that led you to restoration and before you know it, you will be back into your old ways. You need a monthly battle plan, you need to find ways to stay consistent and form new habits. Through this process, you will learn the value and power of consistency and grow quickly in your manhood and maturity.

Let’s say for another example you are struggling in your marriage right now, but you are on the verge of restoration. I would highly recommend that you write down the feelings and emotions you are having at this very point. Write down how your current situation makes you feel, write down why you would not want to do it again and write down what you plan to do to make sure none of this happens again. Also know that this can apply to any situation, not just marriage.


  1. Write down what it is you want to improve or stay consistent in
  2. Write down daily and monthly activities you need to engage in
  3. Write down your future goals achieved by implementing this plan
  4. Include prayer in every aspect of it
  5. Tell a friend about this plan and challenge him to do the same
  6. Write your reminder somewhere so that you see it every month
  7. Do not start tomorrow. Start today!

If you do not have a Battle Plan put together, I would encourage you to take the initiative and start today. A mature man knows that in order to progress in the work of the Lord, he must be consistent. Start today!

Do you already have your own personal Battle Plan? What has worked or hasn’t worked in your personal experiences? Share your thoughts in the comments below.