Manturity Christian Manhood Quotes Vol. 5

I can honestly say, becoming a man of God has been the strongest decision of my life. The question I get asked now is, “What are some essential items or traits needed to maintain Christian Manhood?” Below I have spelled out ten original Manturity quotes that deal specifically with Christian Manhood. Please review, share and add your own favorite quote in the comments.

“Maturity can be recognized when the man you are on Sunday morning is the same man Saturday night.”

“The traits of a true gentleman are simply the character traits of Christ.” 

“Your Christian walk should be consistent, not weekly or monthly consistent, but DAILY.” (Tweet That)

“It takes courage to step up as a man of God. It takes even more courage to be consistent at it.”

“Do not be a man that is quick to jump to conclusions; instead be a man of good sense and perspective.”

“Do not fall into the trap of just talking like a man of God, you must step up and act like a man of God.” (Tweet That)

 “The man earnestly seeking to live according to the will of God will do daily battle against the spirit of compromise. Do not give in.”

“Never allow the stronghold feeling of defeat take root in you. You must understand that God will never give you more than you can handle. Trust Him.” 

“The feelings of inadequacy or ‘not good enough’ are direct blows from the enemy to your manhood. You do have what it takes because God made you that way.”

“Christian men of God should be BRAVE when asked about Christ, SKILLED when responding and EXCITED about those opportunities.” 


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