A Prayer: Fill The Empty Seats

I walked into Church the other week and sat down. Without hesitation, God started speaking to me about myself and the fellow men in my Church. This is about how it went…

God said, “Where is everybody?”

I replied, “What do you mean.”

God said, “Take a look around the Church.”

I looked around and began to understand what He was talking about. There were more seats that were empty than were full.

God said, “Who’s missing?”

I replied, “I don’t know.”

God said, “Why not.”

I sat there for a few moments and pondered about this question.

I replied, “I suppose I have not taken the time or really even cared to find out who is missing or not.”

God said, “Why not.”

I replied, “Is that really my job?”

God said, “Yup.”

I sat there again with a dumb, puzzled look on my face.

I replied, “Isn’t it the job of the Pastors or those in appointed positions to care and take action in these kind of things?”

God replied, “Nope. It’s the job of my Body.”

I replied in a surprised manner, “What am I suppose to do?”

God simply said, “Fill the empty seats.”

I replied, “How.”

God said, “Take a look around. Who do you really know?”

I replied, “I know some of the men around me.”

God said, “Go beyond just shaking hands in the morning, get to know the hearts of the men around you.”

I thought about this and wondered how this could be done.

God said, “You fill the empty seats by building real relationships with the men in your Church and by having honest accountability with them.”

I replied, “What do I do next?”

God replied, “Lead by example. Take the initiative in your men’s ministry and find ways to get involved and stay involved. I will guide you.”

The men’s ministry in your church or any ministry in your Church might just have to start by you taking the initiative. Start the conversation about how you might become a leader at your Church and yes, lets FILL THE EMPTY SEATS!

I would really love to hear about the Men’s ministry at your Church. What has worked? What sets your ministry apart? What advice would you give to a new Men’s ministry?


  • You know I could so see myself as that man in the church “But it’s not my job.” Sometimes i say that out of lazyness, or lack of appreciation for the gifts God has given me…other times I want the sexy jobs which everyone respects rather than the little things that can make a surprising difference. Thanks for the challenge.

    • Amen brother. We are one body and must all accept responsibility. Keep up the great work!