Manturity Manhood Quotes Vol. 4

As hard as our culture might fight against real manhood, it still exists in many men out there. What we must do is not forget what real manhood use to look like and embrace the men who still reflect the essence of real manhood today. The next 10 original Manturity quotes all have to do with men, manhood and the type of lives that men live. Dig in and review them. Share which is your favorite or your own personal favorite quote on manhood in the comments at the end.

“Failure to achieve your next level of manhood is a direct result of your inability or lack of desire to mature.” (Tweet That)

“You must come to understand that your next level of maturity is a reflection of your manhood. Don’t expect to be treated like a man, if your maturity level has not been proven.”

“Manhood takes its first steps towards maturity, when you finally notice and accept your responsibilities.”

“The man who understands his role and purpose in life, is a man that has reached beyond the expected levels of maturity.”

“Being content is not a sign of settling, but rather a sign of confidence in who you are, what you’ve accomplished and where you’re headed in life.”

“Responsibilities are not hard to find, they are hard to accept.”

“A wide range of perspective is a necessary quality of a mature man.”

“Better a man be challenged daily by the principals of God; than be comfortable with the lifestyle of this world.” (Tweet That)

“If we as men of God are going to persevere in this culture; we must learn to work together, promote together and pray together.”

“The life altering experience of Christ in one man, will mean the coming lives of many other men are about to change.”

 Now Man Up and Embrace Real Manhood!

  • “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important. ~ Ambrose Redmoon

    • Jeff, this is a great and true quote brother. Thanks for sharing!

  • Michael

    I like this one:

    “Better a man be challenged daily by the principals of God; than be comfortable with the lifestyle of this world.”

    I might say it like this – We are better when challenged daily by Jesus in the Word of God and by the Principles taught by the Spirit about the Kingdom of God than be comfortable with the lifestyle of this world.

    • Michael, thank you for adding this insight. A man who can understand the meaning of a quote and make it even stronger is a man seeking God!

      Keep it up brother!