The Battle For Our Desire

Let’s not avoid the fact right off the start that the word “desire” is not commonly used in today’s culture. But in all honestly, the idea needs to be addressed badly and talked about on a more mature level.

Let’s start things out with a simple game of decision. Imagine standing in front of a table. The table is blank and the man standing beside it has two objects of desire in his hands. On one side of the table he puts down a “gentleman’s magazine” and on the other side of the table he puts down a Bible. After a few moments, the man asks you to point to your idea of desire. I haven’t been able to make a case study of this scenario, but I would think most men would point to the gentleman’s magazine.

Would we even consider the Bible and its teachings a thing to desire? Culture has brainwashed men to have a certain idea or belief of what desire looks like and it has nothing to do with the Bible. But why would we consider a woman hardly dressed desire? Well, quite frankly, because it’s easy. We are simply not in control of what our desire should be in our life. We grab the easily accessible magazine off the rack. We watch the video that the popular guy is showing to everybody. And when we’re alone, our self control goes out the door suddenly. We are easily swayed, we know it and we’re doing nothing about it. Well gentlemen, it’s time to make some changes and take some responsibility!


Here are three ways to re-arrange your desires.


1) STOP!

That’s right, stop. Stop falling victim to what the culture says is desire and start asking God what desire is and what it should look like in your life. Stop taking the “easy” route in your life when it comes to the magazines, videos and the people that expose you to those things. Stop thinking you don’t have a choice in the matter and choose to make the right decision; because you always have a choice!

2) Fill the Gap

So you’ve stopped? Now you need to come up with a plan; in other words you need to fill the gap. What are you going to do the next time you encounter the dirty magazine, the crude jokes at work or the hot woman walking past you in the store? Don’t wait for it to happen, come up with a plan to defeat it! When I was trying to discover the true desire in my life, I decided to read a book titled “Wild at Heart”. I hated reading at the time, but I had to fill the gap. I would get out of work early and just sit in my car and read. I would read until I knew I would get home at the same time as my wife. I had to fill the gap, and remove the option. What are some options you could pursue?

3) Pray

I don’t recall ever saying this process would be easy, but I can assure you it will be beyond fulfilling and life changing. If you were never much for prayer, this would be the time to change that and start praying often. Your desire should be to stop the old habits, to form new Godly habits, and seek God in a whole new way. God is always there to help and guide us, we just have to give him the opportunity. Make his teachings and his lifestyle your new desire and watch him go to work in your life!

Your challenge: Read Mathew 5:27-30 & Psalm 37:4


As men, we are all victim to the temptations that the world has to offer. But we have to be stronger and rise above the world and its lies.

Share your story or thoughts with other men on how you overcame false desires and found true desire in Christ!