Jesus Never Failed Me

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I was recently challenged to share my testimony at my home Church. I felt that God was calling me to share my story of how Jesus never failed me. I shared my story at Church and now I share my story with you today.

In February 2007, my first wife left me. Needless to say, I was devastated and I blamed God for allowing me to feel so much pain. I got angry and started running away from Him by doing anything I could to help me feel better. I quit going to church. I was drinking every day. I hated Sundays because most bars were closed. I was with many different women trying to fill the void that my ex-wife had left. I even cheated on a girlfriend because, even though she wasn’t giving me any reason to think so, I assumed she was cheating on me.

People who knew me before said that I was a completely different person and for a year and a half, I just kept trying to please myself.


Fortunately, one summer day in June of 2008, God pressed this question on my heart, “Do you really want to live the rest of your life this way”? I instantly remembered that everything I was doing was a waste of time and that I would only find INSTANT satisfaction. The only way I would ever be TRULY happy again, was to re-dedicate my life back to Christ and allow Him to heal my broken heart. I didn’t instantly stop doing the things that I was doing wrong. But over a period of several months, God helped me eliminate the things that were hurting my relationship with Him.

By January of 2009 I was feeling God’s healing as I was ok with being alone. I didn’t “need” to have a girlfriend and I was enjoying the single life and depending on God for my happiness. Amazingly that same month God introduced me to my current wife. For 6 months we hung out frequently, but I kept telling her that I couldn’t date her because I needed to “be alone”. June 4th 2009 I felt like God was telling me that it was ok and that I was ready for a relationship. So I asked her if she was still willing to date me. We’ve been married since July 27th 2010.

God showed me His mercy by protecting me when I was running. He spared me and other people by keeping my car on the road when I was driving drunk. He kept me from diseases or having children with random women. And He saved me from Hell by dying on the cross for all my sins. Now, He’s showing me His Grace. He promises me eternal life with Him even though I’m far from worthy. He’s blessed me with a beautiful wife, who pushes me every day to do more than just sit around and play games. He blessed me with an amazing step daughter when I re-married. He blessed me with an adorable daughter of my own just 15 months ago. He blessed me with a wonderful foster daughter 4 months ago. And just 2 days ago on April 10th, 2013; He blessed me with my first son. He gave me the family I had desired all along, even though I had rejected Him out of anger for something He didn’t even do.

We named our daughter Gianna Grace because Gianna means “God is gracious”. And we named our son Micah Giovanni because Micah means “Who is like God”? The answer to the question is (emphatically) “NO ONE”!


This is my story.




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