5 Tips When Grocery Shopping With Your Wife

Earlier in my marriage, I would dread the time of the week when it came to getting groceries. Something about it just annoyed me to no end. My wife and I would decide that we needed groceries and we would take off. I didn’t like the idea of spending this much money for just food nor did I like shopping around other people at the “Supermarket”, they only added to my anger and frustration.

After about a half hour of meandering down aisles and disagreeing what to get, we would get mad at each other, annoyed with those around us and the rest of the day would be ruined. Don’t call me crazy yet, I think this happens more then we think.

Next time you’re at the grocery store, look for the man tagging along with his wife. Now, I know that there are men out there that don’t mind a good grocery store experience, but I would say they are a minority. Anyway, keep your eye out for the younger couple. The woman will typically be with the cart and the list and the man will be walking somewhere behind her hating life. I see it all the time.

So here’s what I have come up with gentlemen. After dealing with this scenario for a few years and learning from my mistakes, here are my top 5 tips when grocery shopping with your wife or lady friend.


1) Make the list together

We are men and we have to eat at some point. Am I right? This is the first crucial step to grocery store experience success! Gather in the kitchen and decide on your breakfast, dinner and lunch options. Say what you need or want out loud to each other and add it to the list. Surprises at the store are never good. Get the list done and agree to stick to it. Got coupons? If so, get to clipping and compare those to the list and use the ones you need. At this point you both agree on the food and therefore the expectations are established!

2) Go with her

If you have agreed on a list and you have a game plan, get in the car and go with her. You can make this a good experience gentleman. It is within your power. Marriage is all about communication and teamwork. Consider these times together a test on how you will handle harder and more complicated decisions that will come. Work together.

3) Grab a pre-game snack

OK, this is a little trick I recently started applying to the G-store experience. Like that? Anyway, upon arrival to the store, find the bakery or coffee shop and get something little. I like to grab a favorite cookie and a small coffee. Maybe you’d go for the bag of chips and soda. Whatever it is, grab something little as soon as you get there. It will make you happier, it will calm you down and it will take your focus off the store chaos.

4) Mark off the list and coupons

In my experience, the longer you are at the store, the worse it gets. The tension starts to escalate, the emotions start to get crazy and that coffee was finished far too long ago. Again, work together. Someone take the cart and someone take the list. Mark things off the list as found and move to the next item. Ladies, if you’re reading this, men love to have a task. In a respectful way, try to get your man to find specific items as you look for the harder to find items. This will make him feel important and part of the team. Keep track of those coupons too.

5) Watch the total go down

Got everything? Good! Get in line and get out of there! Lately, my wife and I have been competing to see who can save more money at the register. Most recently, between coupons and bonus savings, she saved around $52 dollars off the top. I tried to take the trophy from her the next time, but only pulled off a healthy $49 dollars. I was slightly disappointed, but still satisfied overall. Anyway, hand over your coups and watch the tally go down at the end.

Give each other a high five. Load up the car and head home to enjoy some great food!

I’d love to hear some great stories of how you and your spouse handle the shopping in the family. What has or hasn’t worked for you? You can share your stories in the comments below.


  • JT

    Mannn..we and my wife were just discussing this today. I do all the cooking and know what I need as far as a list goes. I don’t mind going to the grocery store its just the time my wife likes to go..5:00 am Saturday morning..routinely!!! Its funny cause she knows I don’t want to go at this time so she’ll start trying to make me feel guilty…”you know we need groceries right?” “I don’t know what we are going to have for breakfast since we are out of milk”..you know you wont get any Kookie if you don’t go with me” What!!??

    • JT,

      Man, 5 am? I can honestly say I have never heard of that before, but can also see the value in missing the crowd. Sounds like you either need to pony up and get out there at 5 am or pre-plan a list way ahead of time. I’ll be praying for you my brother 🙂

  • jf

    Little Tips – if you know the supermarket layout – design your list accordingly. Don’t try start with stuff that you least need. On your list you should have prerequisites and options. The options if not available will not set your mood off. Drive the cart shifting shelves to shelves in away not to get back but to move forward. Prepare a freeze bags for frozen goods and frozen goods are to put last in your cart. Fragile or delicate item to be handle with cares, take a basket for these items, in a couple often there one is a little clumsy, so careful who is handling fragile items.
    Well man, surprise your wife, if you have some spare time after work, do some complementary shopping, or replenish things that are out stock… your wife will be amazed. And it is good to do some shopping alone at times, this allow to discover new items, and to buy things that you wife like. Simply keep a copy of your previous bills, it is helpful when shopping the next time. God Bless