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How a Young Man Can Find Success These Days


5 MORE Things Every Married Man Should Do Around Single Women

Just over a year ago, I was reading through the latest Men's Health Magazine. In the process, I came across a page full of stats. Stats that were annoying, and disturbing. They were all about men and … [Dig in...]


The 5 Best Apps Available for Christian Men

As of 2015, reports show over 1.5 million Apps are available for download from both Google and Apple. That my brothers, is a lot of apps! Over the last month, I started making my way through those … [Dig in...]


How a Young Man Can Find Success These Days

It doesn’t matter if you partied hard or studied hard during college or high school; the way to success afterwards is the same. You can define … [Dig in...]

The Conversation You Should Have Had With Your Spouse Last Year

A new year means new opportunities right? Our culture may have you think so, but your heart still won’t allow it. What am I talking about? I’m … [Dig in...]

3 Reasons Why You Should Read “The Marriage Advance”

Have you ever really thought about WHY you got married? No, really. I challenge you to take a couple minutes right now and come up with at least 3 … [Dig in...]

Purchase “The Marriage Advance” Today!

Are you ready to change yourself and your marriage? Good! "The Marriage Advance" is a book Jody Burkeen and I have been working on for over a year … [Dig in...]

Join Us on 12/09/16 for the Release of “The Marriage Advance”

One of the hardest things a man can do sometimes is ask a question; especially when it’s related to something deep, sensitive or emotional. For the … [Dig in...]

It’s More Than the Size of Our Hands

 - Feature Guest Post by Jim Uttley -  In one of the last Republican candidates' debates, you'll recall Senator Marco Rubio went on the attack … [Dig in...]

You Are Called. You Go. You Conquer!

You Are Called. You Go. You Conquer! Answer the call and go conquer! YOU’RE CALLED I remember hearing the phrase, “opportunities are … [Dig in...]

Why Learning about your Spouses Heart is Critical to the Success of your Marriage

As a husband, it is not just my role to work and provide for my wife; I am also tasked by God to explore my wife’s heart and assist in leading her to … [Dig in...]