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A Real Man Lives His Dreams


8 Foundational Attributes of a Husband

-  Feature Guest Post by Jeff Perry  - Do you know the foundational attributes of a husband? This article brings to light 8 attributes right from the Scriptures. First, let us look at other … [Dig in...]


5 Biggest Areas of Growth in my Twenties

Well last month it finally happened, I turned 30. I suppose it was inevitable. I now know why 30 somethings use the saying, "I wish I was 20 again, until I hang out around 20 somethings." That, of … [Dig in...]


A Real Man Lives His Dreams

- Feature Guest Post by Author Mel Jones - A real man lives his dreams. A real man follows his heart and constructs his deepest desires. A real man … [Dig in...]

What the Olympics Should Teach You about Your Marriage

“Every Olympic event should include one average person competing for reference” –Bill Murray My wife and I caught this quote on a meme the other … [Dig in...]

3 Easy Steps to Stay Pure and Beat Temptations

I recently had a conversation with a young man about how to stay pure as he enters life on his own. He is about to turn 20 and traveling across the … [Dig in...]

Why You Should Speak Up and Compliment Your Wife More

"There is something so incredibly sexy about you." Guys, when was the last time you gave your wife a comment like the one above? When was the last … [Dig in...]

5 Huge Ways to Protect Your Family

Protecting my family has been on my mind like crazy over the past few months. My Aunt was recently submitted to the Hospital for a Brain Tumor and my … [Dig in...]

3 Reasons Men of God Don’t Follow Politicians

          - Feature Guest Post by Pastor Stephen Miller -  Today our culture is inundated with prospective people to follow. Open up your smart phone … [Dig in...]

10 Ways to Maintain Success as a Young Man

Guys, recently I have been working with and mentoring some younger men. Men who are recently out of High School and another who has been out for a … [Dig in...]

Why Your Wife Keeps Asking For Your Attention And What To Do About It

“Why don’t you come up and hug me?” “Why do you keep your distance when we’re around other people?” “Why don’t you do anything special for … [Dig in...]