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Why Learning about your Spouses Heart is Critical to the Success of your Marriage


8 Foundational Attributes of a Husband

-  Feature Guest Post by Jeff Perry  - Do you know the foundational attributes of a husband? This article brings to light 8 attributes right from the Scriptures. First, let us look at other … [Dig in...]


5 Biggest Areas of Growth in my Twenties

Well last month it finally happened, I turned 30. I suppose it was inevitable. I now know why 30 somethings use the saying, "I wish I was 20 again, until I hang out around 20 somethings." That, of … [Dig in...]


Why Learning about your Spouses Heart is Critical to the Success of your Marriage

As a husband, it is not just my role to work and provide for my wife; I am also tasked by God to explore my wife’s heart and assist in leading her to … [Dig in...]

A Real Man Lives His Dreams

- Feature Guest Post by Author Mel Jones - A real man lives his dreams. A real man follows his heart and constructs his deepest desires. A real man … [Dig in...]

What the Olympics Should Teach You about Your Marriage

“Every Olympic event should include one average person competing for reference” –Bill Murray My wife and I caught this quote on a meme the other … [Dig in...]

3 Easy Steps to Stay Pure and Beat Temptations

I recently had a conversation with a young man about how to stay pure as he enters life on his own. He is about to turn 20 and traveling across the … [Dig in...]

Why You Should Speak Up and Compliment Your Wife More

"There is something so incredibly sexy about you." Guys, when was the last time you gave your wife a comment like the one above? When was the last … [Dig in...]

5 Huge Ways to Protect Your Family

Protecting my family has been on my mind like crazy over the past few months. My Aunt was recently submitted to the Hospital for a Brain Tumor and my … [Dig in...]

3 Reasons Men of God Don’t Follow Politicians

          - Feature Guest Post by Pastor Stephen Miller -  Today our culture is inundated with prospective people to follow. Open up your smart phone … [Dig in...]

10 Ways to Maintain Success as a Young Man

Guys, recently I have been working with and mentoring some younger men. Men who are recently out of High School and another who has been out for a … [Dig in...]